Crazy Auradin Idea

Dimmu Borgir

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Crazy Auradin Idea

Okay, give me input on this idea.

Suppose you equip all this:

Dream Helm
Hand of Justice Weapon
Dragon Armor
Dream Shield

And then max the synergies of both Holy Fire, and Holy Shock (Or as many as you can anyway), and max Conviction.

With both auras double stacked from equipment plus Conviction on, shouldn't you, theoretically, be able to just walk around and watch things die?


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That is a common build, and yes, for the entire norm/nm acts, you'll almost never have to fight a monster.


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yea, a variant, the dual element ones tend to be good in norm/ nm/ a little trouble in hell, tri-element (doom, dragon, 2x dreams[or 2 dragons]) tend to do even better in hell, but pvp i would say conviction/hoj/2x dragons(shield,armor) and then u can use like coa or something, but yes its been thought of, a while ago if im correct.