Craziest Summonacer ever?


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Craziest Summonacer ever?

okay i have never really built a good skellimancer before and i wanted to build one!

King Leoric Wand
2/20/x necro cirlcet? shako? coa?
Trangs Gloves

Might Merc:

IG: What weapon should i make him out of! i want a sick auar for him, i tohugh about lw, but the might from the merc covers that. i thought about infinty but i really wont be using that much mana, i thought about infinty but what the hell do i need convic aura for? ugh im not sure at all. Maybe i should change my merc to a blessed aim merc or maybe even level a merc from norm who has defiance aura then make a lw IG? would that work well?


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I would suggest either an Umed Shako or some +3 to Summoning skills rare, if you can get your hands on one. For a shield Homonculus is an excellent choice. You could use a Boneflame with +3 to Summoning for prebuff. For jewelry, I'd suggest two Bul-Kathos rings and either a Mara's Kaleidoscope or a rare +3 to Summoning with good mods.

On switch either Beast or Heart of the Oak, along with (another) Homonculus.

Whatever shield you use, put a perfect diamond or an Um in it.

As for your golem, I'd suggest sticking to a Clay Golem, but if you insist on using Iron, then either an Immortal King's Hammer (cheap, with up to 40% CB) or an Infinity (albeit not really necessary, it lowers defense, but also significanty increases the damage done by mages, if you use them).

Alternatively, you could also use a Doom runeword. This would, however, shatter some corpses, so your killing speed will decrease.

Hope it helps!


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okay so jewlery ill use 2 sojs, and then ill get either high maras, or a nice ammy. But what about the idea of the defiance merc? bad idea? more def would keep them alive alot longer.... and they would still do unbelievable dmg becasue of the lw IG, with the might aura still coming in wouldnt it be worth it just to level that char a little more?

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get a beast...
fana and the ability to transfer into a bear on wekends :grin:
if that isnt :prop: then i dont know what is....:smiley:



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If your merc uses Infinity, he can switch the helm to Andariel's Visage for the +2 skills (boosts might's damage slightly).

The conviction aura will greatly boost the damage of corpse explosion. Also, lowering the monsters' defense will make your skeles hit a lot more, doing more damage over certain time frame.

For weapons; usually use AoKL to prebuff/ raise army, and then switch to something else for more damage/ FCR/ skills. Wizardspike is a good one if you need resists, HoTO is good for a mixture of damage and resists, and Beast is solely for damage and increasing the rate at which your minions hit (the %chance to hit. The attacking rate doesn't improve that significantly, IIRC).

I would use Homunculus instead of Spirit as my main shield. It has: lower strength requirements, better stats, better resists (with a perfect diamond). Spirit can be used as a BO prebuffer with CTA, but! I wouldn't recommend dumping the points in strength just to hold it. I would get a Lidless, or bleh.. an ethereal Spirit Monarch.

For helm, Shako looks to be the best overall choice. Socket it with UM for more resists, or a Ptopaz for more MF, since you'll be killing so many monsters....