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Crafting questions

Discussion in 'Theorycrafting and Statistics' started by Xuhao, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Xuhao

    Xuhao IncGamers Member

    Feb 26, 2010
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    This ladder Im gonna try out some crafting, hoping to actually craft something usefull.

    Ive done some checking and decided to go for elite vesions of:

    Blood gloves (vampirebone)
    Blood Belt (mithril coil)
    Hitpower gloves (vambraces)
    Caster Belt (vampirefang)
    Caster Boots (wyrmhide)

    Ive been gathering and gambling for some time now so Ive got some blues already, like one full mule.

    But now questions about desired mods, ilvl and clvl starts to arise...

    My main goal is to roll a usefull pair of java gloves (hp gloves prefferebly, however good bloodgloves could work as well, if i undestand it correctly) and a usefull belt for a trapsin (blood belt)

    I originally asumed that excact Ilvl was mostly impotant when craftng duelling gear e.i low level gear, since you can control the outcome lvl that way. Now when Im getting closer to having enough items, i start to doubt hehe... Dont feel like making any mistakes

    The thing is that I have not kept track of which items dropped where so I dont know their excact ilvl. Was this a mistake I should correct in the future?? Ive found some of the blues mentioned in all acts of hell. This counts for about half of my blues

    The other half of blues comes from gambling. The ilvl of those items varies slightly from my char lvl. The gambling chars lvl has changed during the gathering process, from mbe 72 when i started, to ** atm...
    Again I havent kept track of blues/char lvl so the ilvl cannot be excact...

    The caster boots and the caster belt is yet another thing. Im not really sure what to go for... Just thought the fixed mods looked ok..

    So the big question is:
    In this case, what would be the preffered char level for crafting

    Blood gloves (vampirebone)
    Blood Belt (mithril coil)
    Hitpower gloves (vambraces)
    Caster Belt (vampirefang)
    Caster Boots (wyrmhide)

    Id apreciate some feedback, Ive spend quite some time (and what feels like zillions of gold) to gamble these blues.
    surely hope it wont be wasted clicks...

  2. ThomasJohnsen

    ThomasJohnsen IncGamers Member

    Feb 12, 2007
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    Well crafting a bit of a complicated area.
    Let me outline a couple of basics first - if you're not familiar with ilvl, alvl, qlvl, just post here, and I'll supply a couple of links.

    As you may know, alvl is calculated by code that functions like the pseodo code outlined below:
    if (ilvl>99) then {ilvl=99}
    if (qlvl>ilvl) then {ilvl=qlvl}
    if (magic_lvl>0) then {alvl=ilvl+magic_lvl}
      if (ilvl<99-qlvl/2) then {alvl=ilvl-qlvl/2}
                    else {alvl=2*ilvl-99}
    if (alvl>99) then {alvl=99}
    (Using integer calculations with fractions truncated.)
    This is also true for crafted items.

    In most crafting situations however, this code is not useful at all. Usually one aims for a certain range of affixes and thus have a fixed alvl, that will maximize the chance of all these affixes spawning on the craft. Thus rewriting the above code to a more useful variant, you get:
    (1)                 if alvl <= qlvl/2    then ilvl = qlvl  [any ilvl<=qlvl is valid]
    (2) if (1) is false then     if alvl <= 98-qlvl    then ilvl = alvl + qlvl/2
    (3) if (1)+(2) are false                 then ilvl = (alvl + 99)/2
    (Using integer calculations with fractions truncated.)
    as a method of calculating ilvl based on qlvl and alvl.

    It is also important to note, that the ilvl of a craft (called ilvl_craft here) is calculated as follows:
    ilvl_craft = clvl/2 + ilvl_base/2
    (Using integer calculations with fractions truncated.)

    The ilvl of a crafted item can therefore be changed by changing:
    * The level of the character doing the crafting.
    * The ilvl of the base items being used.

    Furthermore the resulting alvl of a craft can be influenced by the qlvl of the base item being used,
    so you have in essence 3 buttons for finetuning:
    * Base item ilvl.
    * Base item qlvl (typically just 1-3 options when crafting)
    * Crafting character clvl.


    Lets try an example of a crafting situation, so you can see how you will actually use the formulae:

    For instance - I may wan't to craft some Blood gloves with affixes of level 43 and below (alvl = 43).
    Blood gloves can be Heavy Gloves (qlvl 7), Sharkskin Gloves (qlvl 39) or Vampirebone Gloves (qlvl 63).
    By inserting these numbers, we get:

    Heavy Gloves
    (1) if 43 <= 3 (clearly a no)
    (2) if 43 <= 91 (yep) so we have ilvl = 43 + 3 = 46 for Heavy Gloves.
    Sharkskin Gloves
    (1) if 43 <= 19 (clearly a no)
    (2) if 43 <= 59 (yep) so we have ilvl = 43 + 19 = 62 for Sharkskin Gloves.
    Vampirebone Gloves
    (1) if 43 <= 31 (clearly a no)
    (2) if 43 <= 35 (again a no)
    (3) So we have ilvl = (43 + 99)/2 = 71 for Vampirebone Gloves.

    Thus to get an affix-level of 43 on these 3 types of gloves, I will need:
    * ilvl 46 Hevay Gloves
    * ilvl 62 Sharkskin Gloves
    * ilvl 71 Vampirebone Gloves

    Step 2:

    Remember that:
    ilvl_craft = ilvl_base/2 + clvl/2

    Assuming I have a level 50 character to do the crafting we get the following:
    46 = ilvl_base/2 + 25   =>   ilvl_base = 42 or 43   [Heavy gloves]
    62 = ilvl_base/2 + 25   =>   ilvl_base = 74 or 75   [Sharkskin gloves]
    71 = ilvl_base/2 + 25   =>   ilvl_base = 92 or 93   [Vampirebone gloves]

    So in order to craft blood gloves of alvl 43 with a level 50 char, I will need:
    * Heavy gloves of ilvl 42 or 43
    * Sharkskin gloves of ilvl 74 or 75
    * Vampirebone gloves of ilvl 92 or 93


    If on the other hand, I have access to say ilvl 90 magiv Heavy gloves, Sharkskin gloves and Vampirebone gloves, using again the above euation to calculate ilvl_craft, we get:
    46 = 45 + clvl/2   =>   clvl = 2 or 3     [Heavy gloves]
    62 = 45 + clvl/2   =>   clvl = 34 or 35   [Sharkskin gloves]
    71 = 45 + clvl/2   =>   clvl = 52 or 53   [Vampirebone gloves]

    So in order to craft blood gloves of alvl 43 using ilvl 90 gloves, I will need:
    * A character of level 2 or 3 to craft Heavy Gloves
    * A character of level 34 or 35 to craft Sharkskin Gloves
    * A character of level 52 or 53 to craft Vampirebone Gloves


    Now let's say, I choose to gamble the base-items used for crafting and craft with the same level character.
    Then the ilvl_base is given by:

    clvl - 5 <= ilvl_base <= clvl + 4

    And coupling this with the formula for calculating the ilvl of a crafted item, we get:

    clvl - 3 <= ilvl_craft <= clvl + 2

    So in order to craft items with item-level ilvl_craft (or higher), using gambled items as base, we need a character of level ilvl_craft + 3 (or higher).

    In order to craft blood gloves of alvl 43 using gambled items, I need:
    * A char of level 49 to gamble ilvl +44 base Heavy gloves and craft based on them.
    * A char of level 65 to gamble ilvl +61 base Sharkskin gloves and craft based on them.
    * A char of level 74 to gamble ilvl +69 base Vampirebone gloves and craft based on them.


    There are a few things to note about crafting:
    * Using gambled items as a base gives a larger range of ilvl outcomes than using found or shopped items as base.
    * Crafted items cannot be etheral. If an etheral item is used to craft upon, the result will not be etheral.
    * Crafted items get one socket by Larzuk.

    And calculating the level-requirement of a craft:

  3. Xuhao

    Xuhao IncGamers Member

    Feb 26, 2010
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    thnks a lot Tom.

    helped a lot :)

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