Crafting Questions

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Crafting Questions

Does anyone know of a site/area that explains very thoroughly how to craft good items?

I'm going to try and craft a nice caster ammy

Cause, I need to be explained whats the best way going about getting the best results, and I was also a little lost on the whole "ilvl" thingy. So if anyone knows a site or can give some input it would be groovy


the ilvl on an item is given by the monster who dropped it, and designates wat mods it can have

take this example;

lets say a monster in act1 norm blood moor has a monster lvl of 1. items they drop will be usually ilvl1

an ilvl 1 item can only have a certain amount of stats

whereas a baal minion in act5 hell has monster lvl of **. items they drop will be usually ilvl88

an ilvl88 item can have much better stats than ilvl1

THIS IS WHY if u find a gc in act1 norm, there is NO POSSIBLE CHANCE that it will be a skill gc...

if u want to craft amulets, u will need to use a character of at least lvl88 to craft in order to get +2 skill amulets. also use this char to GAMBLE the amulets from vendors to craft with, as a lvl88 char will generally get ilvl88 items from gamble

hope this helps :)

Poisoned one

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oooo, I thought I level always stood for "item or initial level" that makes more sense now, and maybe I should be keeping all those hell gcs I find, I thought with gcs once the actual level on the gc got below 42 you couldn't craft a skiller...thanks