crafting question


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In order to guarantee that every amulet you gamble has a high enough ilvl to get +2 on the craft, you need to be clvl 94.

Otherwise, you can use a clvl 90 char for crafting and only craft using amulets that originally spawn with +2 skills (this way you know that they're high enough ilvl).


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The ilvl of the crafted amu need to 90 or higher
The formula is ilvl=input lvl/2+clvl/2 (dropping fractions)
That means that if you use the same character to gamble (ilvl = clvl -5/+4) and craft amulets you'll want to be level 93 or higher.

Worst case scenario. You gamble an amu with an ilvl of **

ilvl = **/2+93/2
ilvl = 44 + 46
ilvl = 90 = +2 skills possible on every amu you gamble-craft.