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Crafting lvl

Discussion in 'Newcomer Forum' started by dekrikke, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. dekrikke

    dekrikke IncGamers Member

    Sep 7, 2006
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    Crafting lvl

    Another question, now about crafting.

    I am going to try to craft myself some ammies (trying to get +2skills).
    I read in order to need +2 skills, the crafting lvl must be 90 (or higher) and is calculated: clvl*0.5 + ilvl*0.5

    I have a lvl ** pala (which I will use for crafting).

    As you gamble for items, these item-levels are -5 -> +5 the character lvl.
    Then I need someone lvl 97 to gamble me some ammies, right?
    The ilvl of those ammies would be 92-99 (92 min)

    So when I use this info to calculate the crafted ammies lvl: ***0.5+92*0.5 = 90 (so perfect lvl to get +2 skills)

    Before giving my money to someone who is lvl 97 and before I start crafting... I really need to know if I understood everything right. (It would be incredibly stupid to notice I am too low to craft these nice ammies.:smiley:
  2. thegiantturtle

    thegiantturtle IncGamers Member

    Nov 18, 2004
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    First, a couple corrections:
    • Gambled items have ilvl in the range [clvl -5, clvl+4]
    • You are missing two floor operators in the crafting ilvl formula:
      • [clvl*0.5] + [ilvl*0.5], both terms are truncated (ilvl 92 and ilvl 93 have the same result)
    • A resultant crafted ilvl of 99 is just as good as resultant crafted ilvl of 90.
    Now, as to your strategy, if you have a trusted friend of clvl 97, then by all means, have them gamble amulets for you. If not, then they may give you amulets that aren't ones they gambled or possibly keep any good gambles for themself. I think it might make more sense to try to level a character to 93, so you can craft amulets you gambled yourself and always have a chance at +2 skills.

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