Crafting Caster Ammy's


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Crafting Caster Ammy's

I want to craft +2 skills amulets with my lvl 92 sorc.

Can I use any blue ammy that drops from a Hell monster kill to do that and just hope for the +2 skill mod? I know not all chest drops have high enough ilvl so I have only been using the monster drops but all +1 skills so far.

Does a higher ilvl ammy have a higher chance of the +2 mod.



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The affix with +2 to skills of a single class needs an affix level of 90. For amulets, the affix level is equal to their item level.

The new item level of a crafted item is itemlevel/2 + charlevel/2 which is rounded down before adding. Therefore a L92 character needs a L88+ amulet to have a chance for +2 to skills. That means, only amulets from bosses and their minions in L85 areas like pits, CS, WSK etc are applicable.

You can also craft gambled amulets, but as gambled items have an ilvl of charlevel-5...charlevel+4, randomly, there is a 10% chance that the amulet's item level isn't high enough. From L93 on, any gambled amulets has a chance to get +2 to skills.

As there aren't further affixes for amulets at item levels higher than 90, the chance to get +2 to skills is always the same.