Crafting and re-rolling charms questions.


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Crafting and re-rolling charms questions.

Been reading in variuous threads about people making +2 skills amulets and "re-rolling" their high level charms in hope for skillers.

Never tried this before, and since so many people talk about it, I'd like to pick up on it myself to try it out. Been trying use the search tool on these forums to find more information on receipes,- but every thread seems to hold different information on the same topics.

I'm playing 1.10 ladder.

The +2 skills amulets people are refering to. Is it the old +1/+2 class specific receipes that was disabled in 1.09 (according to


Are they in play now? Same with the class specific ring receipes. If not, what are the recepies to the + skills amulets. Is it a crafting receipe, or an upgrade receipe?? (I'm getting confused by all the various information) If its an amulet upgrade thingie,- will amulets gambled in Hell difficulty suffice? Or is the gambling level dependant,- I'm level 86 atm.

Rerolling high level GrandCharms into skillers. This still possible? What are the recepies to make these upgrades? GC's found in hell Pit will suffice for rolling skillers?

Someone please help me out here,- or point me to a site/thread that can help me out. I'd like to make skiller amulets and skiller charms too :)



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I sent you a PM. Anyway, there are certain "special" condtitions for certain needs. Like if you are really after a +skill grand charm, you should re-roll GCs found in early NM etc etc. Others know those conditions better than I do, but I sent you the URL for a site with just about all the basic information on various recipes!

Good luck!


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You can get +2 skills amulats by either gambling with a high level character (I believe 84 is the minimum), or by crafting amulets with that same character. The level of the character makes all the difference when it comes to gambling and crafting. Any of the craft recipes can yield +2 skills (or no skills at all or something in between). Here's links to the four type of crafting recipes:

Cubing (re-rolling) charms is another matter. You can use a level 1 mule to cube charms and it won't make any difference. What makes the difference is the item level of the charm, which is determined by where/what dropped the charm.


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doubleOObubble said:
I sent you a PM. Anyway, there are certain "special" condtitions for certain needs. Like if you are really after a +skill grand charm, you should re-roll GCs found in early NM etc etc. Others know those conditions better than I do, but I sent you the URL for a site with just about all the basic information on various recipes!

Good luck!
Thanks. One receipe was the answer to both my questions. Quote from the other site:

"3 Perfect Gems (of any type) + 1 Magic Item = 1 New Random Magic Item of the Same Type

You can use this formula to get another chance at a Magic Item of the same type. The ilvl = ilvl. This means to use 100% of the ilvl of the input item. It's important to note the difference between "the ilvl is set to a fixed number" like what happens in some recipes and "the ilvl of the output is exactly the same as the ilvl of the input" as is the case here. So if you're cubing for +skills Grand Charms, for example, you want to use Charms starting from late Nightmare, not ones that dropped in the Normal Blood Moor. You can use this formula (with an Amulet) to create a +2 Skills Amulet. And you cannot Gamble one before Character Level 84. Be warned however, that the chances of getting that on an Amulet might be very low (considering everything is available) and it might take a lot of tries. Rare Items cannot be used with this formula to create new Rare Items. You can also use this on Charms and Jewels."

-So I guess the old class specific crafing receipes are still out of play,- and that this is the receipe people talk about.



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3 pgems + Magic Item rerolls stats.

The charms lvl, which is dertermined by what dropped it means everything but you cant see it in game baring hacks. If Hell Ball drops a charm and you ID it and its a weak 1 max damage grand say lvl 9 that doesnt mean the charm is lvl 9. It is actually still a lvl 95 (i think) charm and can get EVERY MOD POSSIBLE in the game so this is a good one to roll. Most any chamr found in hell is worth a roll or two. Any charms dropped by bosses in NM are good candidates.

Now, I dont subscribe to the grand charm rolling. Main reason is there are actually very few grand charms I would care to have. +skills are nice, with second mods great, maybe some 2-3 mod ones but most take up too much space even when good, not godly.

IMO smalls are where its at. There are tons of mods that can be worth one little square of your inventory, and many of them can be "middle quality" like life charms. 20 is max on a small, but a 15 is still a good keeper or is also a good LLD trading charm as its lvl 17. Same would go with mana or resists for instance, a lets say 5% LR with 15 life is darn nice on a small but on a grand a 10-15 life with 10-15LR isnt all taht great.

Most the time as we put together characters we need small things, not big things. a Grand Resist charm might be nice occasionally, but many smalls can always be handy to get you from say 60 to 71 in a resist and hopefully it can add maybe cold damage, or life, or strenght or something.

If you want skillers, then by all means go for it but I find smalls to be much more rewarding. I have rolled many and I garuntee you I keep 2-3 times more smalls than Grands, and I have yet to roll a skiller other than a Defense Arura. I have rolled like 10 7MF and about 20 17-20 life charms, and about 5-8 10-11 Resist, and many of those had secondary mods.

Also, a perfect Grand life charm is 40 and 3 slots where a perfect Small lifer is 20 and 1 slot, so (3) 20's are better than one grand, and even (3) 15 life smalls beats the best possible grand life charm.

+2 ammys arent from the class specific crafting, they dont work. it is possible ot get +2 with the Blood, Safety, Hitpower, and Caster recipes as well as gableing. These are based off character lvl and i uswally wait until lbl **+ before I do much of this but I keep hearing lvl 85 you can get +2......I dont know I jsut know that in Classic (most of my play) you need ** to gamble +2 so I stick to this to be sure.

My favorite crafting formulas are caster and safety ammys in 1.10. These give you good base mods with chances for really godly things. My favs in 1.09 were blood rings and ammys and I still do some of these. Now if I want a pair of Zon glooves I go for Hitpower for knockback and I have gotten some godly ones here. +2 java or Bow with knockback, a resist or 2 and maybe MF are a pair of hard to replace gloooves and I have crafted a few of these.

Now I have crafted no godly ammys, but many usefull ones in 1.10. Some of the things i have gotten that are good to note are things like this:

17% FCR (man can this be nice if you can get +1/2 skill or Priz)
Many priz ammys with mana, life, strength, dex, energy.....none have been comboed up to be godly.

This ammy is possible and is why ppl craft!

10% FCR
+2 Sorcy
19 Priz
20 Life
20 Strenght or Dex

Now anyone would like that ammy for at least trade value, and It can actually have more mods. Rememeber crafting has some set mods taht always will be there, and then you can get up to 6 Rare mods and I thinkits is 3 Suffix and 3 prefix.......


All this crap is from memory and hypothetical, expierences may very and some info my be slightly off, but be sure crafting can produce godly items and it will produce a ton of crap also as will gambling!

I am no crafting guru but i did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night!


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Damn I type to much!
Hehe, thanks for the lenghty indepth response. You answered the question I didn't ask. - If its worth the effort, what to do, what to use, when to do it, and what to expect as a result and so on :)