Crafting 2tab/20ias gloves guestions


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Crafting 2tab/20ias gloves guestions

I've got my eyes set on a nice pair of gloves with +2 bow or +2 passive skills with 20% ias. Or at least that's what I want to get. My main recipe is going to be from Blood family and secondary (for cheaper materials and wider selection of magical gloves) Hit Power. I don't really think that I need Knockback but it wouldn't do much harm.

Here are the mods I would love to see appearing:
+2 to Passive & Magic Skills
+2 to Bow & Crossbow Skills
20% Increased Attack Speed
3% Life Leech
3% Mana Leech
Stats / resists / anything that is useful for everyone as a bonus

Skills of course can't both spawn but either one of them with the IAS is a must. I bet that there is a lot of guides for this but without my not-so-lengthy search I wasn't able to find an easy answer to my guestion. What is the easiest way to obtain gloves and what is the best level to craft them so I avoid as many junk mods as possible while always maintaining the chance to get both of those wanted mods as the result?

Should I keep running Chaos Sanctuary (because I like that area) and pick up all
- Chain Gloves
- Heavy Bracers
- Vambraces
- Heavy Gloves
- Sharkskin Gloves
- Vampirebone Gloves
and then just craft with a lower level character (what level?) or should I try gambling with one of my higher level characters (around 80-95) for easier obtaining. Of course if the ilvl range from gambling (-5...+4) messes up the crafting stuff then it's likely best to just get the gloves from a level 85 area.

Sure I could have read through any of the detailed crafting guides but I'm lazy (+ all the different xlvl stuff got me really dizzy) and I'm sure that there is people who have gone through all that and have done a lot of crafting themselves so they know the stuff and can also give me great tips. After all my aims are the most usual amazon gloves so if someone has crafted gloves, he must have thought these things already.

So shortly:
I want to craft +2 amazon skill tree 20 ias gloves.
- Where should I obtain my gloves for crafting?
- What level character should I use for crafting?
- Are normal, exceptional or elite items different from each other or can I use all of them (I don't really care about the defence)?


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Re: Crafting 2tab/20ias gloves guestions

easiest way to obtain magic gloves is probably to buy them from npcs (eg nightmare charsi for chain gloves), although you cant buy elite gloves no matter what your char level is.

Use a level 69-71 character to shop Chain Gloves and craft them, using the Hit Power Gloves recipe.

Use a level 77-78 character to shop Heavy Bracers and craft them, using the Hit Power Gloves recipe.

Use a level 69-72 character to shop Heavy Gloves and craft them, using the Blood Gloves recipe.

Use a level 76-77 character to shop Sharkskin Gloves and craft them, using the Blood Gloves recipe.


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Re: Crafting 2tab/20ias gloves guestions

Thanks for the answers. I suppose I'll level up a lvl 77 crafter now. :)