craftin rerollin


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craftin rerollin

im not sure if these is a noob quesiton but either way best to put in here...
how do you reroll charms and is it the same for small large and grand
also i was readin somethin bout ilvl of jews go down when you reroll them does that happen with charms too?
^!^ and one more...wats some common craftin stuff people do like with jews and gems


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To re-roll a magical item, use the following cube recipe:

3 Perfect Gems (of any type) + 1 Magic Item = 1 New Random Magic Item of the Same Type

This applies to any magical item, be they small charms, large charms, grand charms or jewels. This formula keeps the ilvl the exact same (even for jewels).

I can't really answer your crafting question, as I've never really done much in that area :D