Crafted gloves requirements are off?


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I was looking into crafting mechanics in D2 and realized I don't quite understand what's going on at times. Let me explain.

So I crafted a bunch of blood gloves this morning, especially looking for 2/20 mods. Basically, I came up with 3 pairs of gloves that got me interested:
- 2 martial arts, 20% ias, lvl req = 57
- 2 java, 0% ias, lvl req = 52
- no skills, 10% ias, lvl reqs = ...59
All of these had 4 'new' affixes (affixes other than Blood formula which is CB, ll, life)

Clearly the worst pair of gloves had the highest level requirement (to use), and I double checked clvl for all affixes (with wikia and German calc) - they were all poor i.e. 10% fire res, 9% mf and so on.

They say level requirement of crafted item is: Affix req + 10 + 3 * nAffixes (4 is max).
So, 1st gloves (highest affix is 'Alacrity') have lvl req = 35+10+12 = 57. Correct
2nd pair (highest affix is 'Spearmaiden's') have lvl req = 30+10+12 = 52. Also correct
3rd pair (highest affix is 'Readiness') SHOULD have lvl req = 15+10+12 = 37
Instead, the lvl requirement for these is 59.

Can anyone please solve it? Incidentally, the difference between formula and real requirement is 22 levels, as if that part of equation was applied twice.
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The only affix with a level req of 37 (which would be increased to 59) is "of the ox" which offers +6 to +9 to strength. Are you sure it doesn't have that affix?


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Checked again Krischan, it DOES indeed have a small Strength bonus. Dunno how I missed it!
Anyways, a good lesson if anyone cares: Strength on Gloves has sky high requirements.