Crafted Caster Rod?


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Crafted Caster Rod?

Hi all.
I recently started up a Cleric/Healer paladin and was looking around for a good scepter for him. I managed to trade for a Hand of Blessed Light the other day, and think it'll be the ideal weapon for me.
Anyone think it's possible to use the "Caster" recipe to make a scepter that would top it? It's a relatively cheap recipe (Tir, P-Amethyst, and a Jewel) to try out. Theonly obstacle would be getting the Elite Magical Scepters to use it on.
Anyone bothered with it? What were your results?


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I craft caster & hitpower rods and a few other things to keep my gems under control. The results are mixed. Once in a while i'll manage a high ed%, like 189 on a Holy Water Sprinkler, or 150 %ed on a Seraph Rod, but as far as useful usable skills go, you might get +1 Meditation, or +1 Salvation, but other than that, none have exactly been great. I think i managed 8% FCR on 1 scepter, but since crafted mods can be many, it often upp's the required level considerably. Unless you have a surplus of gems to vapourate, are tripping on Tir runes, and happen to be blessed with 100% chance to find another worthless jewel, it's not something i'd relentlessly pursue.


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fonis toastes said:

who would sell a redeemer for pgems, or anything eventually attainable through massive pgem collecting...
Actually yes. Much more so before 1.10 though. I used to buy everything for pgems and then trade them up for better items. I still collect pgems though. Just a few days ago i sold 80 pamythist for a jah and ber. Now, i wouldn't ay this is common, and im sure i got a great deal, but i believe pgems still have their place.