couple weird things that has happened to me lately


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couple weird things that has happened to me lately

I have a feeling both of these are known issues but thought i'd throw them up here.

this first bug i've seen at least a couple of times. what has happened is after i die i hit esc really fast. instead of respawning in town, i spawn over my body. what's worse is that it's like i wasn't there. i was unable to intereract with anything, couldn't pick up my body, monsters ignored me(they just kind of walked around randomly), basically all i could do is run around and look at stuff. once in this state, i am stuck. if i remember right the "hit esc" text is still on the screen too (not positive about this part). the only way to solve the problem i found was to exit the game.

this next one is real weird and i've only seen once. i took the harogoth wp into the crystiline pasage, but instead of appearing on another wp, i appeared next to the wp anywhere close. i was going to take a screenshot but figured what's the point, it just looked the the c.p.. i tp'd back to harogoth and then wp back to c.p. with the same results. i figured it was just some glitch with the map.