couple questions


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couple questions

Hi, I haven't played a necro in a while and have a couple of questions:

does the full trang oul set make you immune to spike traps like the ones in act2?

I recently found homunculous from pindle and considered using uniques compared to full trangs but I only have middle class gear:
trang gloves and rare gloves with res and some mf but no fcr
rare rings
rare belt with res
+2 necro rare ammy
peasant crown
is this better than trang set?


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Re: couple questions

in the guides sticky there is a thread with calculations about trangs versus uniques, it would also depend on what build you were doing I believe.


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Re: couple questions

That might be better than the trang set, if only because you lose the horrible cast rate of the vamp form. For a summoner the partial set of gloves/belt/armor has good mods on it. Try that and fill up the rest of the slots with what you have