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Couple Questions regarding Gambling/Drops/Imbuing etc. ifr

Discussion in 'Classic' started by Mattam, May 13, 2008.

  1. Mattam

    Mattam IncGamers Member

    Mar 24, 2007
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    Couple Questions regarding Gambling/Drops/Imbuing etc.

    I'm new to Classic (played Xpac since it came out), and I find it much harder but a lot more fun than LoD, with no elite items/runewords etc.

    I made two MF Bsnap Barbs... both died in the late 60s (Hardcore ofc) so I decided to make a Hammerdin. It's in the 60s now (Full Iratha, Gskin, Shard, rest are rares with Resist/Life/Mana/MF - only 2 rings/boot slots open so =/), and I'm looking to upgrade Steelclash to a +2 Paladin/Prismatic Bone/Grim, but I'm not sure of a few things.

    a) What level can I start gambling Bone Shields that can get +2 Paladin/Prismatic mods?
    b) What is the minimum level required to Imbue for +2 Paladin/Prismatic on a shield?
    c) What bosses/monsters/areas should I mf to have a better drop rate of Bone/Grim that can attain the +2 Paladin/Pris mods?
    d) Trading is my last priority - I'd rather obtain one myself somehow

    Thanks in advance,
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  2. Orphan

    Orphan IncGamers Member

    May 23, 2004
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    Re: Couple Questions regarding Gambling/Drops/Imbuing etc.

    The basis for all your questions is knowing that a bone shield will need to be ilvl 74 in order to have access to +2 to paladin skills, while a Grim Shield will require an ilvl of 82. The Prismatic prefix has a lower affix level than +2 to paladin skills and thus is not important for this discussion.

    Gambled items have a random ilvl anywhere between clvl - 5 to clvl + 4, so you can start gambling as low as 70 for bone shields and 78 for grim shields, but you would only have a 1/10 chance of getting an ilvl capable of getting those prefixes. To ensure that all gambled items would be able to get the affixes you'll want to gamble with a clvl 79 character for bone shields and clvl 87 character for grim shields. Note that when I mention the two shields I'm referring to the possibility of a bone shield upgrading to a grim shield, which you can probably ignore and only focus on normal bone shield chances if you wish.

    Imbued items have an ilvl of clvl + 4, so you'll need to use a clvl 70 character for bone shields and clvl 78 character for grim shields.

    Any monster with an mlvl of 74 for bone shields or mlvl of 82 for grim shields would be sufficient. I don't have my classic data files on me at the moment to confirm certain monsters, but Act 4 on Hell should be sufficient for the bone shields. The cow level on hell should also be of sufficient mlvl. Hell Diablo is the only monster that comes to mind which has an mlvl greater than 82.

    Edit: It should probably also be noted that the only "ideal" item level to acquire these items is one that meets the +2 paladin skill level prefix. Once the ilvl reaches that point it'll be high enough to get every affix available to the shield anyway, so there's no difference between an ilvl 74 bone shield an ilvl 99 bone shield, in terms of the chance to get +2 to paladin skills and pris prefix (1:362 to be exact).


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