Couple questions about my tesladin...pls help


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Couple questions about my tesladin...pls help

ok, so ive got a tesladin with a fully synergized holy shock(or will be soon), and im using vengence+conviction for lightning immunes.

my first question is how many points would you recommend for resist fire and resist cold(for the synergy to vengence).

my second question: im using heavens light with a hoz w/a 5/5 cold facet in it, will the +cold dmg and/or -enemy res affect the cold dmg from vengence, and if so would that mean that i should put more points into resist cold rather than resist fire?

and my third and final question: what do you suggest i socket my heavens light with. Its just used on switch to deal with lightning immunes, and its 2 socketed.

Any suggestions you can give will be helpfull. If i left something out thats important, or if this is somewhat hard to understand, let me know and ill add/fix stuff as needed.



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The best weapon that i tried for a tesladin is the crescent moon runeword made in a phaseblade!

I dont if there are better options though!

Heavens light is a better weapon for a frost zealot imo...



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thanks for the reply.

i am using a cresent moon phase blade as my main weapon. So would it be better to just keep the cresent moon for killing lightning immunes or use the heavens light(using vengence and conviction)?


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1. I think that would be a waste of points...why not use Zeal and some Crushing Blow, would be pretty fast and only minimum points invested, that way you can use more points in Holy Shield or something else.

2. The facet will affect your Vengeance cold damage, but again I think Zeal is almost as effective and uses far less points.

3. I'm not sure about the breakpoints for Zeal without Fanatiscism, but a Shael would probably be nice...otherwise a nice enhanced damage jewel or an Amn for more life leech.

Heaven's Light is much better at killing lightning immunes than Crescent Moon is, so I'd keep the Heaven's Light on switch. Heaven's Light is also a descent primary weapon, even though it can't quite match the increase in lightning damage.


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Hey - I have an 86 shocker who never dies. Here's my secret:

First off, I don't use Vengeance. Rather, I maxed Salvation in addition to Resist Lightning, which synergized Holy Freeze as well as Holy Shock. That was if I run into immunes I can just switch auras - the nice thing about Holy Freeze being that in addition to elemental damage, it slows enemies - handy for running down ranged attackers. Also, maxing Salvation makes your Lightning aura all the more deadly - which is GREAT.

Second - I maxed Zeal and put one point into Holy Shield (with my gear, this is pumped to lv. 10). Zeal does good physical damage and hits 4 fps with my Crescent Phase Blade and gear (total extra IAS = 45%; 15% jewel in HoZ, 10% from Siggard's Stealth, 20% from Highlord's). This means that when I switch auras over to Holy Freeze, I lay down reasonable physical damage in addition to the elemental aura - a combo which is usually MORE than effective at killing Lightning immunes.

Third - Dracul's Grasp. I can't stress how important these gloves are for Hell. The chance to cast Life Tap makes your character a TANK; I can stand in a crowd of Hell Cows so thick I can't even SEE my character and not only live, but mow them down like grass.

My Skills and Equip:

Holy Shock: 20
Resist Lightning: 20
Salvation: 20
Zeal: 20
Sacrifice: around lv. 10 (every new pt. I get goes here for synergy damage)
Holy Shield: 1
1 point in all prereqs

Helm: Rare Circlet with +2 Pally skills, +18 Strength, +19% resist all, +1-119 lightning damage, socketed with a lightning facet
Ammy: Highlord's (go go Deadly Strike!)
Shield: Herald of Zakarum, socketed with 15% IAS jewel
Armor: Chains of Honor Balrog Skin (940+ defense, amazing resists, +2 skills, 8% pdr)
Ring1: BK (Life and +skills)
Ring2: Ravensfrost (AR and handy Can't Be Frozen mod)
Belt: Siggard's Stealth (IAS, Life Steal, and Slows enemy)
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp (Open Wounds, Life Tap)
Boots: Gore Riders (Crushing Blow, etc.)

On Switch: Demon Limb (for the lv. 23 Enchant - awesome AR bonus!)

This has proven to be my most viable (and most fun!) character yet; he waltzes through Hell without a care in the world, and stomps on any enemy he runs into. He has max resists, max block (with only just enough Dex to wield the Phase Blade, mind you - 136), a Defense well over 5k, and an AR of around 7.5k (when he's pre-buffed with Demon Limb's Enchant). I also have 2 Offensive aura GCs, which are great and inexpensive. My Zeal is at 4 fps and does over 8k.

Hope this helps!


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thanks for the posts.

does anybody use vengence+conviction? some ideas from you people would be great.

Or should i just remake my paly?