couple q's


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couple q's

assuming that i only have 20 skill points to play with:

1. how do melee pally's deal with pi's?

2. are there any tricks to avoiding iron maiden?

i am planning on getting vigor anyway, so maybe blah-sed hammers is an option, but i won't have concentration. 20 points in one of the elemental auras enough?


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1. Either a point in vengeance+conviction, or a weapon with high elemental damage would do the trick. I prefer using a weapon such as azurewrath, since it both has high elemental damage and high speed.
Ofc, shockadins/frostadins do not have to worry about this...

2. Assuming you are a pally doing mainly physical damage, there is no real way to avoid it other than avoiding to attack monsters. You need to check what is over your head, and always be careful when those casters are near.
For shockadins/frostzealots, a good way is to have a wand (or such) with ignore targets defense on. They do minimal damage, and are fast, so you wont get hurt really.

i would avoid hammers :)


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re: vengance: i read the desc at arreats, does it take 70% of phys damage in 3 elements, or does it take the regular elemental damage and increase it by 70%? i'm really not clear about how it works. also, i remember trying it a long time ago, and it's really slow. does it use the normal attack ias breakpoints?


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Level 1 Vengeance gives you 210% enhanced elemental damage...or 70% lightning + 70% fire + 70% cold damage. So if you had a weapon that did 100 damage and you used lvl 1 Vengeance you would do 100 physical damage and 210 elemental damage.

Vengeance is kind of slow, it's capped at 8 frames and it uses the "normal" attack breakpoints.


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it looks like a passion item is the only way i can solve both problems simultaneously without wasting points. sigh.


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bleah. i hope people are still reading this.

i'm in hell now, and pi's are a huge pain in the butt. the most successful thing i have done so far is charge them with lightsaber.

here's what i tried:

lvl 1 vengance: comes out to lvl 4-6 (depending on items). super super SUPER slow. if there's more than 1 at a time, i'm dead.

nord's tenderizer's blizzard charges: lvl 18, nada.

zeal with lightsaber: actually, faster than using vengance. again, fighting multiple monsters is bad. very bad.

zeal with nord's tenderizer: @400 cold damage didn't do squat.

i haven't tried any bows yet, but i suspect a speed problem as well.

i found a small crescent for passion, but i don't have a lem yet. i don't expect much from this.