couple of psn nec qs (pvp)


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couple of psn nec qs (pvp)

Well, im thinking of making a pvp psn nec... and i have read the guides.
I have a couple of dilemmas that i need some advice on - blocking and reaching fcr/fhr breakpoints.
I would hopefully like to have maxblock/75fcr/86fhr
It seems that maxblock is the way to go, as you dont lose much life from the points in dexterity, but wouldn't one lose a fair amount of life from the -4ish +skills in bo?
without spirit shield, to get 75 fcr u need:
and then another 35 from a combination of a circlet, 2xrings and amulet, which then gives a loss of 4+all skills (shako/mara/sojs)
As for fhr, without spirit, u need:
and then 46 from charms.
I would like to point out that i only have funds for 2 12fhr pnb gcs. So this means that i would need several 5fhr scs, which is a further loss of life.

So would this loss of life outweigh the maxblock? What should i do?

paul leung

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Re: couple of psn nec qs (pvp)

Do what i did,use fhr gc plain/with mode,and 20 life plain/mode.
As long as the damage is doing ok,then it doesn't really matter.(of course the higher the better but only if your wealth allow to do so)