Could use some guidance....


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Could use some guidance....

Hello. Long time reader first time poster.

Although I have always thought of the necro as my favourite character, I've always been scared to explore his full potential past a straight summoner. I decided to bite the bullet and make a poison necro. Here is how he looks at the moment:

lvl 62
holy freeze merc
1 teeth
1 CE
20 PD (6496-6836 damage/12 secs)
8 PE (soon to be maxed)
20 PN (1971-2101 damage/2 secs)
7 Bone Armour
2 Bone Prison (1 misclick)
and 1 point to all pre-curses to LR
items are nothing special although I recently secured a Blackbog's Sharp.

I originally planned on making a psn/melee necro (hence the bone armour). My build works well enough in nitemare, if only slightly slow while waiting for the psn damage to take full effect. I am however a little afraid how he will survive in hell. My question is should I continue investing in bone armour and it synergies or should I perhaps get some help from skeles/golem (if only to take attention away from me to allow for greater PD attacks)?
Any help will be appreciated.

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Welcome Newcomer to The Darkness. Grab a brew :drink: and feel free to raise some corpses.

If you are using PD you will want to invest in Bone Armor. You are not a straight Meleemancer so it would have been better if you would have left BA at one point and Maxed BP.

If you are able to muster some +skills it could be wise to put one point in Summon Resist and a lot of points in RS and SM. This makes for pretty helpful meatshield. The same can also be attained by putting one point in Revives and letting +skills take care of them. This saves a lot of Skill points. Revives are a poor man’s Skellies, but they have their drawbacks.

The meatshields take the heat away from you, but with proper use of curses and BP this can also be achieved.


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Welcome to the forum :)

I'd say it's too late to go far into the summoning tree. Skellies will be very weak for many many levels ... (caveat) unless you have huge plus skills and some + summoning charms. It is not impossible but a hard road to tread now.

A clay golem is always useful so a point in it and the mastery and 1 in summon resist will be useful in many situations. It is a castable minion that you can dump on top of a monster like The Summoner for instance.

Many Poison Necros use Bone Walls or Bone Prisons to support their skills. I have no experience of doing that seriously but it can be very successful.

Another way would be to use AI curses like Attract, Terror, Confuse and Dim Vision to control the monsters but that interferes with using Lower Resist perhaps.

Finally, you could use the old 1.09 favourites Revives. If you chose the monster carefully they can be very tough and useful. They are stupid and slow and meander all over the place but judicous use of teleport or a town portal can rally them. With enough plus skills you only need 1 point in revives and you'll get a nice tough temporary army... plus a few "free" but very weak Skellies and Mages that will act as distractions if you want.

Good Luck


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Thanks for the advice. I agree with you JoJeck in that trying to delve into summoning (particularly skeles) at this point would be fruitless if not dangerous. However I am tempted to get a CG (1 point), SR (1 point) and with as many masteries as I can manage. This would hopefully provide a nice enough meatshield that should be able to stand up to some attack and in combination with AI curses allow me to get in a PD attack with little problem.

Mad Mantis

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Better pump Clay than Mastery. Clay gives a bigger bonus to HP's than Mastery.