Could i get any kills in pvp with this?


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Could i get any kills in pvp with this?

Yeh ive always felt some odd love towards thrower barbs, even though ive never made one. I used to go into duel games to spectate if there was a thrower barb but that had to end since every kid in the block has tppk and would attempt on my life when i went out of town.

anyway, im NOT going to spend anything i DO NOT have already, so here's the gear

2x gimmershred
angelic amu rings
gore riders
nosferatus coil

i get str bonuses of (dont remember what +str the draculs are so ill count as 10) 70, and the highest req i have is the arreats, 118. This gets me to the point where i can get away from str with only 48 hard points, allowing me to boost dex (if necessary) and i should get pretty nice life with bo since i can spare a lot to vita.

the thing im worried about is the damage of gimmershreds:

Flying Axe

Throw Damage: (39-46) To (171-204) (105-125 Avg)
One-Hand Damage: (44-52) To (169-201) (106.5-126.5 Avg)
Required Level: 70
Required Strength: **
Required Dexterity: 108
Base Weapon Speed: [10]
Max Stack: (240)
+160-210% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Adds 218-483 Fire Damage
Adds 29-501 Lightning Damage
Adds 176-397 Cold Damage, 4 sec. Duration (Normal)
+30% Increased Attack Speed
Increased Stack Size [60]
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

i plan on using a point in frenzy to get a 7(did i miscalculate?) fpa speed. should i add more to frenzy or switch gloves for ias gloves or something to neglect the low damage on the gimmers? it could be that im the one in the dueling games that everyone first laughs at: "LoL! noob gear go away!". then mocks: "cmon noob and ill beat u with my gosu enoobma hammerdin!" and then gets killed by a tppk sorc who backstabs :lol:

i should get rather high life with charms (im gonna use charms i just pick up, not gonna trade anything for him, but i got a few lifers and wc skillers stashed) so could that buy me enough time to kill ANYONE, or am i just daydreaming here? at least the build would be fun :) im still gonna make it, even if i get bashed in the first duel, cause im rather sick of the clone armies that invade the dueling games.

suggestions on gear? use "common" items, cause i will most likely have them somewhere :)


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(1) the damage on throwers is very, very low.
(2) the elemental damage on gimmers are almost negated by res.
(3) draculs almost does nothing for the build, except the + str. id rather use a crafted cb/ias gloves.


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the heck with it, ill star building him tonight. ill let you guys know of his (embarrassing) duels when he gets into some :)


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Prepare to be bent over.

Throwers aren't very viable...Even with eth Lacs they are still going to be a BIG target.....You will eat 2 charges and die most likely.

CB/Ias/KB gloves would be lovely
Concentrate on being able to run as fast as humanly possible and keep away from dangerous things like Paladins.


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yeah i will most likely bend over :]

perhaps if i made a game for unusual builds and duelled only there... though after ive had enough fun duelling and if i live, ill kamikaze vs a dupe-hammerdin.

Dad Daniel

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As the biggest throw-barb proponent and an expert in their building i would say that your "2chipeds-worth-gear" is really good for PvM (even in public games you will be helpfull), but to prepare a throw barb also for a PvP purposes needs a lot of hard work to be done.
1. The thrower barb to be good need BEST possible charms- thats means 10max/7xattrating/4xlife - -> from this ones he get the biggest bonuses - the so important life and a damage bonus both on your throw weapons! But unfortunately such charms worth at least (in EuHCL) 3ists per each....
2. The throw barb can reach FANTASTIC levels of destruction power --> he is one of the most friendly damage-improvers builds! The damage he could possibly devliver on HIGHEST level of equipment (here most of the people are making their biggest misunderstanding about the throw barb - they just CANNOT imagine what RARE throw weapons exist - only will say that Perfect ETH Lacerators in front of them looks like a waterpistols compared with a AK47) cannot be even compared with the best bowazon (no matter how perfect FAITH bow day use). To prove my statement i will post a specail thread about this, but it will be later.
Yes the ETH lacerators are the best known throw weapons for a dueling and when there is a pair of them in hands of skilled good equiped throw barb he can cause a lot of pain .... and a lethal end for the most common PvPers - noob BA BOTD zerkers (mostly rune dupers-retards) are the most common victim of the good equiped thrower. So your first aim for a good PvP dueler - find a pair of ETH lacerators (if it is possible over 200%ed each).
3. I see that you have noticed the importance of the att rating for this build - he is absolutely NEED -especially for highdef -maxblocker fighters. The average melle PvP-ers are able to have this stats.
So using 2xangel rings + amu is good, but is BETTER to replace one of the angelic rings with 20/24xatt rating RAVEN - you just need the CANNOT be FROZEN option( a damage is highly recomendet for the thrower, but you need also and suitable resistance - don't forget it)!
4. Your merc is inherent for the best throwers and if you want to make a widowmaker and at least sorrowbringer status on your thrower you have to choose the appropriate merc - the most common and good for avreage dueler is the A2 mighter. But for elite builds of this kind of character you should choose BLESSED AIMER - there is no other way to fight with the stone barbs and the EXILE top zealers - you just need TONS of att rating!!!
The SUPER EILTE MERC equipment - for a double thrower should be:
1. 20 lvl Concentration aura PRIDE (sorry but very expensive).
2. BRAMBLE armor(if possible 21 lvl thorns aura on it)! - there is no other way to stand agains the mighty chargers and the freaky WW/tele barbs!!!
3. KIRA tiara umed for 85 all res/ CANnot be frozen - the best helm for a merc!
5. The arreat is best achiavable and good helm for a thrower, but if you want to make a double thrower remembered by the grandchilds of the orphans of your victims you need a godly TELE charges tiara - SUPER EXPENSIVE!
I will stop to here, because i cannot reveal all secrets of the double thrower, but if you wanna make a tuff throw-slayer you need a lot of experience in PvP, because you have to now the powers and the weak points of your rivals. Be sure with against who are fighting - even if you could manage to create decent barb thrower be sure that theirs a dozent of hungry hackers ready to eat you alive!
And besides no matter that how GODLY-EQUIPED throw barb (even i wasn't able to create one - maybe in the next ladder :uhhuh: ) you haves be prepared to face the death - just there will be better PvP-er with more experience and maybe the better chance to kill you !


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wow long post and a bit hard to read :)

im not planning on making a "godly thrower who will rip through stell if necessary", but a budget, ghetto thrower who might annoy some rune-duped-pvp-gods :)


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Valar-Wrath said:
Ooooh, I want sorrowbringer status!!! Can I be called 'Sorrowbringer Valar' from now on please? :D
'Sorrowbringer Valar' sounds like an ugly orc from LotR :/
gl Sorrowbringer :b

on a side not, actually on topic, the barb is a go. hes lvl 8 now, and when he reaches lvl 76 and gets hellrushed for skills and res if needed, his (short) journey towards death will begin. ill keep ya updated :)