Corpse Explosion and Necro Wand


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Corpse Explosion and Necro Wand

I have maxed Corpse explosion and I was wondering how exactly the damage dealt works. I am a Fishymancerwhen considering skills and I am using Trangs set with Marrowwalks until I get the pieces for the Enigma gear setup. I know that the damage is half fire damage and half physical damage. But my questions are:

1. Against a normal monster with no resistances, would lower resist or amplify damage work better? If both are equal then I assume that amplify damage would be better for the skellies sake.

2. Is the damage done in a diminishing return considering the radius? I.E. Does a monster at 10 yards receive the same damage as a monster at 1 yard?

Thanks for any help.


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1-Yes, Amp Dam works better against a monster with no resists. Amp reduces physical resists by 100%. Lower Resist lowers Poison, Fire, Lightning, and Cold Resistances. It does not lower Physical Resistance. Is only lowers it as per the level of the spell (see the Arreat Summit for the stats.)

2-Any monster within the radius gets the same damage. It does not diminish as distance increases.


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i guess it might also depends on what you rely on for your dmg..mages vs skeles right?

skeles then go with amp when using CE
mages then LR with CE>...

and im pretty sure Remlin is right on the lack of diminishing dmg...its just radius


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Nightfish said:
8) Corpse Explosion: As you will most likely play normal and nightmare on players 8 almost exclusively I'd suggest not investing more than 1 pt here until later in the game. Once you reach hell and switch to players 1 it is extremely useful if you want to kill in a hurry. You don't have to have it, but if you intend for your char to be used for MF you will probably want it. Well, and it's not like there was anything better you could do with 20 skill points.

Trust me, max this skill. Yes, it does seem that additional points don't do that much for CE but that is not true at all. The area your CE covers increases by a larger amount for each skill point you add (Remember geometry in school? If you do you can calculate by how much it goes up. In your face everybody who said maths was useless! ;)) At any rate, I can't stress enough how useful this is for clearing areas. If you're running the pit or the WS K you will wan this. Especially in the WS K where you can kill gloams from far away it's very handy.

Remember that CE is 50% fire and 50% physical. So, amp damage or lower resist can increase the damage it does.

On a side note, CE is not useless on players 8, don't let the fact that it doesn't scale blind you to that. It does not get a bigger penalty than any other skill. (the only spell that is stronger on p8 is static field, everything else gets the same "penalty") Monsters on players 8 have 450% life. Assuming an amp'd monster with no resistances, CE does between 90% and 150% damage. 3-4 casts would still be enough in that case.
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