Corax's 1.07 Adventure


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Corax's 1.07 Adventure

"And I give unto thee one most holy of zod's which does indeed form part of a most glorious weapon, powered by the souls of the demonslain. Be warned young warrior, for this weapon to save mankind you must first uncover another sacred artifact, the greatest of poleaxes and return it to this land, where its power will smite demons from this Sanctuary." Proclaimed the Reverend Farting Bob as he handed over a tiny carved rock.
"where must I go to find this weapon oh giver of the zod" Asked the mysterious young warrior, conveniently standing the shadows.
"Ye must journey to the far off land oneohseven and fight your way through the dark and dangerous places until you come to the ruins of Lower Kurast where mounted upon a most divine and sacred rack ye shall find the weapon you desire" Continued the most flatulent holyman "Now go and return not till this weapon be yours and ye have the might to k33l th3s3 n00bs. fua-ha-ha-ha"

And thus did my 1.07 Career begin. to find the most perfect weapon, a superior ethereal great polaxe to make my BoTd in.

The quest wasn't taken up by the young warrior who did spake with fbob but with a disciple of his, a young werewolf named Rampage(transformers predacon).

So far rampage is up to the spider forest WP at lvl 20(just off 21) doing 100 dmg and toting 450 hp.
His merc is a rogue doing 60 or so dmg.

I expected to just race through the game as fast as possible and thus was going to go with the standard orb sorc but decided i'd make a druid 1.07 pat while i was there. thus rampage was born. I've also found myself exploring all the side areas in a quest for exp and its been alot of fun. I forgot how much I HATE Ancient kaa.

Updates will keep coming as he progress's :D


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corax said:
And thus did my 1.07 Career begin. to find the most perfect weapon, a superior ethereal great polaxe to make my BoTd in.
Congrats on the choice of weapon, it shall be perfect. I also wish you have a perfect roll of BoTD. :thumbsup:


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So do I :D

wow, 1.07 must be uber.
In exchange for the Gidbinn Ormus gave me a rare ring:

+62AR/ 3%LL/ 30% Cold Res/ 2 dex/ 4 energy


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Good luck in finding your weapon Cor :)
Look forward to hearing more on how Rampage is progressing.

- Jas :howdy:


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Yar, if by chance you'll be looking for MP along the way, don't be shy ;)

And best of luck on that rack running mate. We'll have to swap fires by the story sometime.

err... god, i'm too lazy to look intelligent :D


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Nice story Cor! :D

Good luck patting Rampage in OneOhSeven and in finding the perfect weapon, i'm sure you'll get it...eventually ;)


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Rampage is now lvl 22 and has just entered act 4.

act 3 was a breeze with me picking up a 4%ML, +78 AR maul. meaning constant feral rage. need to upgrade the weapon now though.

I'm tempted to run meph as he was pretty easy, but the blood lords and council guys gave me some trouble.

my merc got a circlet of max dmg and now does over 100 dmg :D


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Good luck getting the weapon :) Keep an eye out for the other sought after 1.07 weapons aswell.
thou doesn't speakth like that, thy n00b friend.
I thought i just said 'here ya go', but i guess the alcohol in my blood is clouding my memory.
Good luck. dont stop until you find the perfecct weapon for it, and keep an eye out in the trade forum, you might get lucky.


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Hey Corax,

Are you playing SC? If so, I could probably help you with some starter

One suggestion that I'd make - cube a prismatic ammy ASAP. They are
very good in 1.07. You probably should rack a 1.07 Jalal's for fun (+2
Skills, +1 Sh Sh, 25% CB, FHR, + life, Knockback). Too bad it doesn't
come with resists. It makes a good Hunter hat with the Crushing Blow.



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necrolemming said:

Why a dr00d instead of a sorc? :x

GL anyways, and gib 07 Valor plz??!1???!

dr00d > sorc. if im going to be in 1.07 for awhile i want to be there with a char i like.

lvl 23.
just made the city of the damned WP. then decided to go back to act 2 to get a defiance merc, my rogue wasnt cutting it and i found a ed/LL pike. but i hired an offensive merc. oopsy. noticed my mistake when BA came on. so now it'll be lots of fun running duriel to try n get some helpful items and level the merc.
got a new weapon. an ed/ar/ml maul. does 53 max dmg which raises my total max dmg to 126 :D


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lvl 25.
big d's reign of terror has collapsed into the dust, much as he has done. i k33led that noob. and the best thing i got was an el. considering running him after i get a bit better weapon and make a bramble armour. possibly. he wasnt too hard. and i got sigons gloves of the grand vizier. i forgot that lord de seis spawns with OK's in his pakc. teh schnizzle fight that one.
now to run shenk/eldritch till i get fury and a bear