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Cookie Cutter

Well I'm making a hammerdin to do key runs, since my infinity sorc failed miserably without griffs/maras. I just couldn't afford it. But I'm goin to keep her active for when I can afford it.

PvM Setup
Helmet: Harlequin Crest (Defense is irrelevant right)
Armor: Enigma Archon Plate (1K+ Defense at least)
Weapon: Here's a debate for me, either Wizardspike or HotO Flail; Remember this is the PvM side of my gear so keep that in mind.
Shield: Yet another debate for me, either Sanctuary with 107 resists or Herald of Zakarum
Weapon/shield switch: Cta/spirit in low str pally shield
Belt: Arachs, no question
Gloves: Torn between Magefist, Trangs, or Frosties, mainly between Trangs/Mage; suggestions?
Boots: Thinkin treks but they can be pricey now-a-days so maybe travs.

PvP I'm not so worried about ATM since I just want to do keyruns for now. Socketing help will also be appreciated. Thanks again.


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If I have got it right, this is pretty much the Cookie Cutter Hammerdin:
Enigma MP
Spirit 35FCR
Rare FCR
Pala Combats

You could also swap the FCR ring and Spirit for HoZ and SoJ.

edit: Hey, look at me. 5 posts in Hammer-Forum and I am already giving advice to others:smiley:


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Alrite well should I use archon enigma or mp for the lowest str. Also anyone know how to desynch? My friend does it all the time but wont teach me.


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Alrite well should I use archon enigma or mp for the lowest str. Also anyone know how to desynch? My friend does it all the time but wont teach me.
keyrunning doesnt need desynch o_O use the search function and look for desynch. anyways, this is my guys gear. (he hits the 125fcr bp, with hoz/soj hed hit the 75 bp. for pvm, i really see no option other than to get the 125 bp, a little less killing power, but alot faster tele/ hammers

140 Um'd Shako- Defense doesnt REALLY matter but it helps.
2/2 Seraphs Hymn- i didnt need the extra res off maras so this was cheap.
1k MP Nigma- much less req. str, only about 200 less defense than ap...
37res Hoto Flail- again, the fcr/skills/mana overshot wizzy's dex require...
45base res 32fcr Spirit- (havent rerolled, but the mods are insane)fhr/mana/skills/res/fcr/etc
Arachnids- (no option here i think)
Rings- Both rare fcr rings. (random dex/str/life/res)
Magefists- fcr/ mana regen
40% Wartravs- i like mfing?...
SWITCH- 3bocta/crappy spirit
ptorch/anni/some life/res charms

cookie cutter. 11k with no gc's.


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Mage Plate, Dusk Shroud at the most. You want to be as stingy with strength as possible.

I think desynching just involves charging really fast. Charge+Vigor or something like that. Other characters with enough FRW can almost do it too.

I think the cookie cutter PvM hammerdin is rather 75% FCR, using 2 SoJs and HoZ. You'd need to MF your own FCR rings, and they're all individual and different, thus not being cookie-cutter.


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The majority of your defense comes from Holy Shield at later levels, so the defense of your Enigma doesn't make much difference.

Eilo Rytyj

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Actually, it's more the other way around. Higher defense on your gear makes for MUCH more defense at higher levels of Holy Shield. 50 more defense on your Enigma (i.e. comparing superior to non-superior) can mean 400 or more defense overall. The majority of your defense comes from your gear at later levels, as well as your Holy Shield.


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If you dont need the cold resist, i like Magefist over Trang gloves. Up them at least once for the added defense. And you can up them twice to totally beat out the defense of the trang gloves. The mana regen on the magefist can be nice, but if you need to cold resist stick withe trang gloves. An Insight merc will be all the mana regen you really need.


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One thing you could also consider is replacing WarTravs with Sandstorm. The 55% FHR from the spirt, 20% from the boots, plus either a 12% GC or 3x5% small charm will give let you reach the very tasty 86% FHR rate. It will really make spamming hammers easy while getting hit by a huge mob.