Cookie-cutter hammerdin build?


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Cookie-cutter hammerdin build?

Hi, I just recently got back into diablo2 ( haven't played in 4+years)
dueling/pvp has always been my favorite aspect of the game... I have decided that I want to make a hammerdin(interestingly hammerdin was my first char 4years ago when they sucked)

I would like to know what's the cookie-cutter build/gears for them right now in pvp
I have a sorc atm for MFing/trading etc. So gears shouldn't be that much of an issue


ps: a newb question... what matters the most(besides skills) in a hdin vs hdin duel?


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OK... Two ways to answer this:

Use that fancy search function and type in Hammerdin, I'm certain a bazillion pages will pop up with similar questions.

Two, scroll to the top of the page and check those stickied guides. There's bound to be a hammerdin guide in there.