Convince me to play druid


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Convince me to play druid

Hello SPF,

By now I have made a Pat/Mat thread for each class, except for druid. Multiple for all except Assassin, but I more or less know what I want to do there.

However I have no idea how to "get to know" the druids. The class confuses me slightly (it's counterintuitive sometimes with skills distributions, I'm confused about the different weapon speeds for different wear-forms, I don't know which skills are bugged... for starters)

I guess it all goes back to the dislike (or hatred) that Nightfish had for this class. Back when he was finishing his sept^2, I was a total noob, treated all he said as if he were a Diety or something, and somehow the idea that druids suck stuck with me.

But I see a lot of people like them and I'd like to try to enjoy druids, so to speak. Thus I'd like to be convinced to play this class. In particular I'd find it helpful if you gave me some tips:

  • Propose 3 different FUN builds to play.

    I have some ridiculous gear, but I'm lacking 'Infinity' and 'Enigma', and I don't have an uber-pelt. Other than that I'm pretty sure I have all there is to have when it comes to druids. I'd be willing to throw 'Grief' into a Phaseblade even though I already have an ATMA-bugged 'Grief' BA, if that'd help.

    Notice: I said FUN, not easy. For example: for a sorceress easy builds would be Blizzsorc and Meteorb, but FUN builds would be pure-Fireball, Blova and CtC melee sorc. That may be not the best examples out there, but you get the point.

    Some links to nice write-ups that you recommend would be appreciated.

  • Advice on how to level a druid mid-game would be nice.

    More specifically, how to get from level 27 to 49 using 'Honor' and Butcher's Pupil. Even more specifically, how would you recommend I spend my early points for a druid, so that this stage of the game is a lot of fun. I'm talking about skills, mostly.

    The reason I'm asking is that I have an untwinked druid stuck at 25-ish and he wasn't fun to play, since I screwed up skill distribution, I think. I want to get him going.
Come on, all druid lovers! Share your thoughts!


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Re: Convince me to play druid

Hey Greebo,

Are you more interested in:

A. Melee
B. Caster
C: Summoner
D: Combination of above

I agree with you that druids can seem a little strange, because their skill trees seem radically unrelated. They're like 1/3 sorceress, 1/3 necromancer, and 1/3 barbarian. But I think once you figure out what build you're really interested in, you can start researching all the different guides out there.

I've only built one druid so far, a Fury Werewolf which you may remember. But I'd like to also do a Wearbear someday (once I find a decent weapon) and even a Wind druid because I know the build has (or at least, had) some merit.

Good luck! :thumbup:


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Re: Convince me to play druid

Im halfway through my first druid (second if you count my first ever character that never made it anywhere) and have some thoughts on this.

Im playing a flaming mauler (see guide here: The guide lists a load of weird/shiny weapons but Oath can reach 6fpa without too much hassle and its been great fun thus far. One thing to note is druids attack speed bonuses to 2 handed axes and polearms make some interesting uniques for twinking, have a play with the calculator and a look through your stash.

Other fun looking things are Nagis armageddon mauler kinda similar i guess, and a rabies wolf.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

I don't exactly like druids either, but how about:

1) Liq's Earth Shifter Fury Druid
2) Rabies/Shock Wave Cross Shifter
3) CtC Tornado/Twister Kodiak
4) Fire/Wind Hybrid

No guarantees on them being fun. I like them, but whether you do is entirely your own decision. :p

As far as early leveling is concerned, the few druids I've played have mostly taken the fire or summoning (fire seems astronomically better) route, with stat points and items geared towards mana.

EDIT: No links because I am lazy. :D If I remember correctly, there's at least one writeup for #1 (Neksja?) and #4 (stephan?) in the sticky. Not sure about the others.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

Ribcracker fury wolf = guaranteed fun. One of the few characters I'll play through the whole game without rushing. Upped ribby is poetry.

Speaking of, what can I use fury wolf for? I'd hate to just leave and forget it after I finish hell.

Doctor Clock

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Re: Convince me to play druid

Not only my favorite Druid, but one of my favorite builds of all classes was my Fire druid. Used a Grizzly and merc to deal with immunes. If I were to play him again, I'd use a bow on switch and be a Fire/Hunter hybrid. The timer on Fissure allowed for a lot of mobility and repositioning, and I used Grizzly more like the Necromancer's Bone Wall spell. He was really safe, but there was a lot of micromanagement to do while playing which I found to be a lot of fun.

At least in my opinion, Druids aren't very good in low levels. Regardless of what build you choose, fire skills, Fissure in particular, are great leveling skills.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

Armageddon Mauler: If I remember right, I stuck an unupgraded Ribcracker on a Werebear for CB, and let the rest of the damage come from Armageddon. Terrible idea, but apparently it worked at the time. :badteeth: It can't be that much different from a Flaming Mauler.

Kodiak: A fancy term for a Hunger bear.


Re: Convince me to play druid

I've hand great fun in normal with my windy druid. Don't know what'll happen in NM and Hell.

The main thing has been that he's lousy killer and his minions don't do much better. I play HC with /P8 normal & NM, less in Hell. So Andy was a problem, but I got her in the end.

Here's the build:

(2) - Raven
(3) - Poison Creeper
(4-5) - none
(6) - Arctic Blast | Oak Sage | Spirit Wolf
(7-11) - none
(12) - Carrion Vine | Cyclone Armor
(13-17) - Cyclone Armor
(18) - Cyclone Armor | Twister | Dire Wolf
(19-23) - Cyclone Armor
(24) - Tornado | Cyclone Armor | Solar Creeper
(25-29) - Tornado
(30) - Tornado | Summon Grizly | Hurricane
Max Tornado
Max Cyclone Armor (1)
Max Hurricane
Max Twister

(1) Between 25-29 you can put all but two points in Cyclone Armor. So remember to reserve 2 points.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

Ugh, you had fun? I can't remember any build that made me so frustrated. Hitting 1 specific monster is a PAIN unless you're standing point blank next to it - not really recommended for HC I presume.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

I'll throw in another vote for Flaming Mauler. They're really powerful, but don't really use a lot of cookie-cutter gear, which is kind of a plus. If you like them, you'll also start doing strange things like pick up every single feral axe you see. At this point, I have a few mid-level rare axes for twinking, but Steel in the fastest two-handed axe you can find is a pretty solid twinking weapon.

I'm also a fan of Windy's, but they might be a little cookie-cutter for you. Summoners are pretty fun too, but you have to keep in mind that they're ridiculously slow in Hell.

I know a lot of people like Fury wolves, but after three tries I gave up dealing with the bug and switched to bears. (In case you didn't know, Fury will occasionally miss every strike until you move slightly. I think it happens when you miss the first strike in a cycle. It can get pretty frustrating.)

Edit: If you try the Flaming Mauler, work on Fire Claws and synergies first, since they destroy most of Normal and NM. Just make sure Maul and Shockwave have a few points by the time you start to meet fire immunes. While you're mostly using Fire Claws, damage on your weapon doesn't matter, so just get the most WIAS you can manage.

If you play a Windy, you might be better off playing a Fire Summoner until level 30 or so, when you can respec into summoning gear. If you don't, you'll mostly be hiding behind your merc until you can spam Tornado. Tavaritz's skill progression looks pretty good, but you don't really need the vines if you don't feel like it.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

Druids are my favourite class and ive patted pretty much every build, some a few times.

1. Hunters are slow, but alot of fun
2. fire druids, whilst not as powerful as windies, are still a strong and interesting choice right from level 1.
3. werewolves are good at fury or rubies(or both if the psn creeper ring bug still works) or even the fire attack( mind blank). feral rage gives good speed and LL boosts to everything
4. bears with maul and shockwave are nigh unkillable and surprisingly swift (maul is like frenzy just not as fast)

Any shifter based on physical damage, so fury or maul should be used with a big 2 hander. Axes, mauls and polearms are all gold. sword/shield is ok for rabies or fire shifters.

No matter what druid you play you should never be without your bear. he's a solid recastable tank for everyone.

To level up shifters, bonesnap at 24. steel driver at 29. upp'd shael'd steeldriver at 34 until you hit your endgame weapon.
to level up casters is just your standard lvlv 29 caster setup.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

If you don't play one druid, Liquid_Evil will be summoned to your exact location and will proceed to do very bad things to you. And he'll probably also call you some names.

(Honestly, pure summoning druid is lulz)

Jason Maher

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Re: Convince me to play druid

Where's Liq when you need him?

There are 2 things that annoy me about Druids:

1) You can't use the elemental skills in wereform (except Armageddon, which requires the entire elemental tree as prereqs), ruling out what would be a very cool hybrid;

2) You can only summon one type of bear/wolf companion at a time (which strikes me as a little odd given how many summons a necro can have - including both kinds of skellies at the same time).

Aside from that, they are fun to play, and have some nice buffing skills that can turn the Druid into a mean tank (the wereforms boost life, and you have the Oak Sage to boost it further), or a killing machine (speed and AR for the wolf, damage and defense for the bear, while Heart of Wolverine provides a nice boost to damage and AR). The Druid also has some very useful summons. The Grizzly is an absolute tank that can bite back hard at high levels. The seemingly useless Ravens blind everything, making life much safer. The 3 creepers all offer nice utility value, and 2 of the 3 spirits are virtually indispensible (you'll nearly always have either Oak Sage or Heart of Wolverine hanging around, though you can't have both).

As for the Druid's attacking armoury, the Wind Druid is my second favourite cookie-cutter (behind the Strafer), and is very effective (and powerful enough to be an effective MFer). Pretty much all the shape-shifting attacks are viable as a main attack (except Shock Wave, which is still a very useful utility skill for its massive stun length). And the Fire skills are fun and unique, though my personal experience with them is limited.

There we go, not a bad pitch for a self-confessed Amazon (Bowazon, to be precise) fanatic, eh? ;)


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Re: Convince me to play druid

I love druids. Some of my very favorite pats ever were my druids (my hunter/summoner, doom-fury/fire wolf (my favorite), and my rabies/fury wolf. They are a great do-it-all class, and tremendously fun.

They can be a very effective caster - either fire or wind sides of the elemental tree can be effective. The wind side is more spammable, the fire is more tactical. Both have good visuals (armageddon, volcano, and molten boulder especially). None have huge mana costs, so merc can be more than just a walking insight...

They can be a very effective summoner. Very different from a necro summoner, since you have 1 grizzly (or 3 DWs) instead of a big army. A single heavily buffed grizzly, though, may be the strongest and most fun summon in the game. I had one pat that focused on the grizz and watching him chew through enemies was tremendously fun.

They can be a very effective melee'er - either as a wolf or bear. Wolves and bears play very differently, but both can be a lot of fun. Wolves are fast runners and fast attackers. Kind of like a zealot on steroids with less defense. You get very fast, very strong attacks with a big life bulb, lots of leech (don't ignore feral rage), and good AR bonus. Rabies makes for a very fun variant. The spreading effect is unique and very entertaining. Bears are big, with huge life, great crowd control (shockwave) and a choice between a very strong attack (maul) or a very fast attack (fireclaws). Both are fun.

Overall, I think druids are great. You shouldn't build 1. You should build 5. Or more.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

I like most of the Druid builds, but when picking yours, here are my three rules for nooby Druid virgins that will undeniably ensure a great time.

1. Ignore any Druid build that relies too heavily on summons.
2. Ignore any Druid build that has "Kodiak" in the name.
3. Play any Druid build and be content with the knowledge that you're a complete and total badass and everyone now knows it. (This rule is applicable even if you neglected to follow rules 1 and 2.)


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Re: Convince me to play druid

Play a Fury Werewolf, play a Wind Druid, and if you still enjoy the class, try everything else. :p

Druids = pixelated sex. As you play, orgasms will naturally come.


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Re: Convince me to play druid

[Force]These are the druids you are looking for[/Force]