Conviction and Lower Resist


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Conviction and Lower Resist

I was wondering how conviction, lower resist curse and -enemy resist all work in calculating damge, for lightning immune and non lightning immune. Also I was wondering what the max lvl for lower resist charges you can get.


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Lower Resist charges can be slvl 3 max, but you have to be fairly high level to shop, say, a wand with such charges (I just shopped a couple with my lvl 94 Sorc but hadn't seen any before hitting lvl 94).

For non-immune monsters: Lower Resist, Conviction, and -enemy resist from gear simply add together before being applied to your target. Resists cannot be lowered below -100%.

For immunes: any -enemy resist from gear gets applied only after/if the immunity is broken (by Lower Resist and/or Conviction). LR and Convic work at 1/5 effectiveness when used on an immune monster, and I'm not entirely sure but intuition would tell me that they get added together before being divided by 5 rather than one being applied before the other (i.e. you can't break the immunity with LR and then bring their remaining resistance way down by flashing on Conviction). (Someone else might be able to shed some light on this.) Once the immunity is broken, -enemy resist from gear can take effect as usual (at full effectiveness, not at 1/5 like LR and Convic).

Conviction is capped at 150%; slvl 3 Lower Resists lowers by 41%. Thus, the highest monster immunity that could be broken by these two in conjunction (i.e. resistance greater than 100%) would be:

99 + ([150 + 41] / 5) = 137%

For details as to how this affects the damage you actually deal, the basic multiplier to your listed damage is:

1 - ([monsterres %] - [negative resistances sources %])

which means if you lower a target's resistance enough to get it down to -100%, you're essentially doing twice as much (100% more) damage, etc.


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I thought that if either conviction or lower resist was able to break the immunity by itself, then the other would work at full capacity. But if both are required then the total of the 2 is divided by 5.

not sure though