Convertadin help?


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Convertadin help?

I was thinking about making a convertadin pally, but first I want to ask some questions?

* What would be a good support skill for conversion? I was planning fanaticism and conversion, but I need suggestions please.

* What do you think about using lawbringer as main weapon?

* I know taht an act 2 merc will be the most useful because of the auras?, but any suggestion for his gear.

* Finally, any suggestion for my gear....


Queen Mebd

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Way back when people played missionaries (paladins using thorns and conversion). Maybe browsing the strategy compendium in which some of the stickied guides are located in ( and looking at some of the 09 builds might provide some more insights on conversion-using paladins in general. As for using a Lawbringer, it certainly could be useful (it's relatively inexpensive runes), might even be a good weapon against physical immunes.

Lord Humongous

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This was/still is my all time favorite Pally build. It use to own back when Diablo 2 first came out but over the years has been nerfed to obscurity. Very fun to play in normal and in multi-player but look forward to a much more serious time of it when you hit early/mid nightmare.

Having said that I think Fanaticism would make a good choice in place of Thorns as it would let you convert faster which is always a good thing. Don't have much experience with Lawbringer though but doesn't sound bad either. Just remember if your going to rely on converts to clear the field that even with Fanaticism their going to be less effective as you go up in difficulty.

Happy hunting, cheers.


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I'll let you in on a big secret with Conversion. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but I do know it exists...

If you convert a monster that is a higher level than you are, then when he unconverts, any damage will kill him instantly. I mean it- one hit kills, regardless of what the monster is. If you wear a shield that has "Attacker takes 1 damage" on it, and an unconverted monster hits you, he'll die.

In my opinion, that's the only really efficient way for a Convertadin to get kills anymore, so I'd probably go with Thorns as a main aura just to make killing monsters that much easier once they unconvert. Ditto that for Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock. Other than that, use whatever you want.


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Well that isn't a bug, its a feature. ;)

Its a nice to have skill as backup for a zealots. It won't affect champs and boss packs but its cool to have against the PI mobs.