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This is a list of some traders on diablo 3 Europe Trading Forum (ETF3 ) and their battletags. This is not a complete list and you're not by any means required to have your contact information here, this is totally voluntary and just an attempt to keep trading safer. If you want your account information removed, please mention so and it will be removed.

Being on this list doesn't mean you're trusted trader. This is simply contact information.

You can submit your info to be added to this list by posting in this thread as follows (assuming you have the forum name JoeCool and the battletag jcool#1234:

JoeCool: jcool#1234

Doing it in exactly that manner will prevent typos by Xora or me, as we can copy and paste it into the list which is following below (and we are too lazy to type allthat as well). As soon as your battletag is in the list, we will delete your posting, so if it's gone, please check your entry in the list, in case something went wrong.

Please give us a bit time to update the list regularly. We will do it as soon as possible.

It seems that there's currently a method to hack accounts when playing in public games, by spying out session IDs of other players and then taking them over in some manner. See here for details, the state of the issue and its discussion: http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/s...OINED-THE-GAME


Europe Trade Moderator
chumo: chumo#2713
Eryendil: Caledus#2708
~FaMe~: Fame#2662
kamap: kamap#2813
KTang: #Lovefool2852
Tankmobile: Tankmobile#2998