conspiracy theories


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conspiracy theories

last year, average # of players on uswest was 150k, with maybe a 20-30k swing depending on time of day.

now, in the past two weeks, it's been 75k, with maybe a 2k swing.

after talking to some people in channels, i have some ideas why .10 is less popular than .09:

1. Duelers all quit: dueling is no longer as popular as it once was, because:
a) hammerdins/necros are overpowered
b) they lost all their duped items, can't/won't try to recover

2. Game is too hard: casual gamers prefer an easier game rather than a harder game, so the casual players all quit.

3. Anti-bot measures are successful: 75k people who were counted last year were actually bots.

4. Game is boring: now, people team up for baal runs, which are shorter and less profitable than the old cow runs.

5. Bad players quit: now that you actually need some skill/knowledge to survive, those who lack these gave up.

6. New games came out: old players moved on to other games.

7. Good players quit: now that a very limited number of builds are feasible for solo play, weren't able to experiment with unusual builds.

9. Mf'ers got screwed: popular mf runs were made longer, more boring, less profitable. Mf'ers also got almost nothing in the way of new eq.


How are these conspiracy theories? Conspiracy theories are like the Russians sent Oswald to kill JFK, or George W. made the A-Rod trade go through. Diablo 2 has just been out for a long time. Games die, it's actually remarkable that so many people are still playing a game that is entering what, its 4th year?


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StrikexForce said:
im believe its more like 5th year
D2 is a very old game like strikexforce said, I've played it since 1.08 and and i've seen D2 with over 150k players and great channels emerge like channel "baal", but now thats all over. Only the very dedicated players seem to be left now and pretty soon the game will die........