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Consolidation of IncGamers HC East & West

Discussion in 'IncGamers' Clan and In-Game Community Channel' started by ZappaFan, Oct 1, 2014.

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    We are closing East & West and recommending that people request membership in the newly opened IncGamers Hardcore clan. We opened up the new clan last night and some people from East and West have already made the jump. You have to quit your current clan in order to search for a new clan. Search IncGamers Hardcore.

    I have a mule acct, zappamule, that is temporarily leader of the new clan so that I can stay in East until we close it. I'll be handing the ownership reins over to Flux sometime tonight after we close East and West.

    IncGamers HC North will continue operation headed by Xanth.

    The reason for the change is that the activity in East and West has dwindled quite a bit. Combining the active members from the two clans should make for a much more active, fun clan. North already seems to be pretty active so we decided against closing it down as part of this consolidation.

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