Conqueror Cosmo, 1.11 vanilla HC naked Druid


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Both zons were/are amazing feats.

Don't forget just getting a Guardian is an achievement let alone naked/cracked weapons.


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I don't think it's fair to either one of them to say either is "better" than the other. They were done with different approaches and were both completely amazing feats. No need to compare them, just be in awe.

Insane Wayne

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Maybe I'm missing something, but I think your zon was a bit better, after all yours was naked. :/
Thanks for the compliment, but in reality Dave's cracked gear was mostly decoration. Aside from the extra potion storage and miniscule blocking (maybe 3-4%) it had no effect. So, his zon was "practically naked". He did have charms/jewelry, but totally offset that advantage by clearing Hell at p8. (I averaged about p5-p6, and did some tough areas at p1). And he didn't use ATMA. All things considered, I'd call it even.

One thing's for sure: If I had to trust anyone to do a Hell Baal run with my zon, I'd pick Dave.



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Just popping in to add my support to your adventure. Looking forward to reading the successful outcome of the last few areas. It doesn't seem necessary to add good luck, as your skill and knowledge will get you through.

Thanks for the thread.

Insane Wayne

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Update: Glacial Trail.

Snow drifters, lightning mages, and zombies. Hmm... not much of a challenge here, as long as I stayed focused. p7 all the way. There were a couple hectic spots with double boss packs, but no real threats. Bonesaw Breaker spawned Extra Strong Fanaticism! Wolves were dropping left and right, but I protected Jemali and he slowly worked his way through them. Any zombies that got around the wolves, I bowled away. Urns spawned mages, and I got lucky against this pack. If they had spawned near me, no way I could've survived more than a few hits.

Drifter Cavern gave me a nice clear side-entrance. I had time to scout a bit, taking note of the blood stars fired at us from afar by succubi. These girls are everywhere lately! We met a goat pack across the first bridge. No problem. The succubi took down their fair share of wolves, but overall they weren't very dangerous. And the third monster type: Cold mages. :rolleyes:
Another easy roll cleared at p7.

I was ready to tackle Nihlathak's Halls, but the Glacial map unfolded awkwardly, so I finished it up and hit the Frozen Tundra. Ugh. More witches (aka Blood Temptresses) and more annoying imps. And what's this? More slingers again? Not exactly. These were the melee type, total pushovers. I worked up to the waypoint, nearly overlooking a thresher in the bushes. I've found quite a few rare elite polearms, but nothing any good.

Additional finds:
Credendum Mithril Coil
Godly (prefix) rare Ogre Gauntlets
3-socket archon plate

Conqueror Cosmo, 1.11 naked HC Druid, level 87, Act 5 Hell, Nihlathak's Zombie Garden
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Insane Wayne

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lol. I don't think I've ever seen that combo. It's the holy grail of Frenzytaur damage. The worst Cosmo has seen is Stone Skin (PI) Cursed. But I'd rather face your combo than Extra Strong Stone Skin with Cursed or Fanat, especially at p7. Such a frenzytaur would have unbreakable PI and require at least 30 minutes to OW and cost hundreds of wolves. Against your combo, wolves would be insta-killed, but at least Jemali could score some hard hits while I spammed wolves.


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Well, 4 out of 6 my characters encountered these guys :laugh:. None of them had crowd control of Cosmo's level, so it was quite a battle each time! The worst was when i was fleeing from some random boss pack and accidently kicked evil urn and it spammed these guys all around me :sad2:. I was on all-purple belt that time and somehow i survived. Guess i was really lucky.


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lol, the absence of frenzytaurs gives me a bad feeling that they may come in with a vengeance later. :p

Insane Wayne

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Greedy for experience, I attempted Pindleskin's area at p8, and soon realized I was in over my head. The wolves I cast in the center of the screen were killed at once and the entire mob closed in towards Cosmo and Jemali. I cast more wolves, but we were already backed up near the red portal. Zombies wandered around the edges, forcing me to either blind them, bowl them back, or stop them with a wolf and weaken my center. Jemali's Might damage is good, nonetheless each zombie took a while to kill. For a few minutes the situation was very uncomfortable. I struggled to keep wolves up, protect the flanks, and feed Jemali potions, until the enemy was thinned out enough to feel safe.

Halls of Anguish: Poison horror mages, poison flayers, and tomb creepers (leapers). I immediately cast Hurricane, my handy anti-leaper shield. It worked well, holding them outside the perimeter. Good thing, because all the nasty boss mods spawned on leapers, including 2 Extra Strong Cursed packs, Extra Strong Extra Fast, and CE Might Extra Fast. None of them scored a hit on Cosmo. :smiley:
The other monsters were more nuisance than danger, for example this poison party. Mages and flayers often surrounded us during the fights. I did a lot of dodging. Each poisoning required an antidote, so I carried plenty with me.

I scored a surprising drop from a regular monster. All through Hell, I was hoping to find a Lum, for upgrading Kelpie or Hone Sundan. Now that I have one, I feel it's too late. All my resources went to Bonehew. I have no Shaels, nor can I cube one. Both those spears rolled low ED, and Bonehew already exceeds their elite damage output anyway, and is far faster with 50% IAS on it. Hone's CB is nice, but less of a factor at p7. And finally, Hone's dex requirements would require more gear tweaking. So I decided to let things be and move on. I'll still use the spears for utility purposes.

Halls of Pain: Quill rats, flayers, and maggots! More ranged poison. More runs to town for antidotes. The maggots in Act 4 were quick to lay all their eggs, but these ones were a bit slow to react. Sometimes I could get a jump on them, and disable them before they reproduced.
Quill rats need to be respected. It's hard to see their tiny needles, but they really hurt. I faced multiple boss/champ packs of them and took extra care to watch my back, especially after a LEFE Extra Strong boss hit me a couple times. The evil urns spawned rats, but they all appeared away from Cosmo.

Halls of Vaught: Alarming entance, into a stairtrap mob of flayers (with shamen) joined by bugged tomb vipers. Wolves were insta-killed from the poison hits. At best, Jemali could survive a partial walk through the poison clouds, with a little life left. There was no organization at all. I stood still and cast replacement pets, bowling away monsters that targeted me. The last thing I needed to do was run to a less crowded spot and risk attracting more monsters. Anyhow, the wolves did that for me! :duh: They wandered too far and attracted PI Hell Temptresses, followed by more snakes and flayers. Bad doggies! We were too far spread apart, so I ran out the door and regrouped. As a tight group, we could focus on smaller bunches, as other monsters lost sight of us around the corner. Much safer.

Jemali went down a couple times from viper poison, but usually I had a wolf scout holding them still for follow-up raven blinding. Witches received the amp treatment. The lone urn released a snake pack, right on Cosmo! Notice where the urn is next to the snake boss. Inches from a surrounding mob. That pack was extra fast mana burn. Close call.

I summoned my mana vine to eat corpses as we approached Nihlathak. I thought it got them all, but somehow Cosmo was hit by a CE that removed his armor and 1200 life. Holy crap! We tried the other side, cleared it, and I ran towards the back of his chamber which was free of corpses. After a senseless Arctic Blast approach (he is CI, I have -70 cold resist :embarassed:) I moved him wih boulders and surrounded him with wolves. He kept teleporting away, all the way to the entrance until I knocked him in a corner. He dropped one of those stupid keys.

Additional finds:
Captain's Grand Charm
ethereal Duskdeep
3-socket hyperion spear (for an upgraded "Malice")

Conqueror Cosmo, 1.11 naked HC Druid, level 87, Act 5 Hell, Frozen Tundra

Insane Wayne

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Frozen Tundra, Redux:
This time, I faced mages, boars, and skeleton archers. My first test presented itself right next to the waypoint. A massive p7 horde of all three monster types with a Fanaticism archer right in the middle. He had teleport and Stone Skin (nearly PI), thus untouchable until we killed all the lackeys, isolated him, and used the amp stick.

The boar boss packs were pretty easy. Leechable and predictable in their movements. All the excitement came from archers. Raven performance was spotty. They're not too smart and often attack worthless targets. I can always spot-cast them when needed, but not 100% of the time. Powerful archer packs pounded my troops, slaughtering my wolves resulting in tons of stray arrows. This MS Cursed pack was bad enough by itself, and then another boss pack closed in at the top of the screen. I used a few purples for Jemali so he could finish the original boss. Not to mention this hard-hitter. Rough going, but I had plenty of open area to maneuver.

Infernal Pit:
Hell Witches, Stygian Dolls, and Blood Lords. Ranged attacks zoomed in across a lava moat, so I sacrificed a wolf to get a better look. Whoa! Those flayers are packed like sardines! That was a good thing, as their front lines had nowhere to run. That vampire boss drove me crazy; three times I had him amped and slivered, only to watch helplessly as Jemali got distracted by a new flayer, allowing the boss to fully regenerate. Each battle site was a gorefest. (Here's a typical aftermath.) Although these monster types were frustrating and required focused raven blinding to control, they weren't terribly dangerous. I cleared the level at p7, and even got to see the rare "blinded boss". :smiley:

Conqueror Cosmo, 1.11 naked HC Druid, level 87, Act 5 Hell, Ancients' Way


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Nice job Insane Wayne! I'm at the same point in the game now with my naked assasin in the naked tournie. I hope we both survive the ancients, good luck with it!

:scratch: Maybe you're fighting them right now.

Insane Wayne

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Time for another potentially dangerous underground area: The Ancients' Way. It began with a stairtrap of regular Dark Lancers (Jab Rogues). They're quick, and strong. Even a normal pack is capable of killing several wolves. I used boulders/ravens to knock a couple back and blind them; anything to reduce the mobbings. The wolves really struggled when ranged poison from spike fiends (not to mention their respectable physical damage) entered the equation.

With very little area cleared, I hit a double boss pack of jabbers. Extra Strong Extra Fast and FE Cursed (both also had annoying Spectral Hit). That's an obscene combination! No way we could tank them, and I had to use every last inch of retreating room to split them up. I was lucky the Cursed boss (Black Hack :cool: ) was among the few left behind (I specifically targeted her with a boulder before we ran).

I barely advanced a couple screens ahead, when we hit another double boss pack! Another Extra Strong Spectral Hit rogue gang, and the first representatives of a new monster group: Hell Lords (Frenzytaurs). Wolves were insta-killed before I could identify the boss mods. Once again, I had to retreat all the way back to the entrance before standing up to the followers, which included the rogue boss and a couple minions of each type. I had to use a few rejuvs to keep Jemali going. Slowly we retraced our steps, picking off the rest in small bunches. Then came the frenzytaur boss, one of Cosmo's worst nightmares, in the flesh. Unbreakable PI at p7. Extra Strong for massive damage. And Blessed Aim to ensure he rarely missed. This was a long fight. Even with Kelpie and Arctic slowing, he cut through my wolves in seconds. I had to bring dozens of mana potions along, and constantly switch the merc's weapons while spamming wolves.

My frenzytaur woes didn't end there, not by a long shot. The very next pack was almost as bad. Except this time, the wolves had a little better tanking power. Later, I ecountered another Curser (with Teleport) and also some champs guarding the Icy Cellar entrance.

They stole the show, and wore me out, but I coudn't let my guard down against the weaker lancers or fiends, because that's when HC mistakes often occur. After my second or third frenzy boss pack, I was a bit numb, and almost got mobbed by a couple lancers after barging ahead too quickly. Luckily they were normal and I was able to get away. It gave me a kick of energy/caution and I was more careful from then on. Urns released fiends. I sprang them at p8 in hopes of hitting level ** before the Cellar. I didn't quite make it. There were four boss packs and a fanatic.

Well, this was a Hell-worthy challenge. Some of my monster rolls lately were a bit tame. Maybe now I'll see some Gloams in the Icy Cellar. I haven't seen any since that champ pack in the Act 3 jungle.

Conqueror Cosmo, 1.11 naked HC Druid, level 87, Act 5 Hell, Icy Cellar


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Oh man, a couple of insane rolls on those Frenzytaur bosses! That extra-strong, stone skin, PI, enchanted beast just gives me the sweats.

I don't know how you can kill a thing like that on p7, and with no gear. I recently had a run-in with a similar boss that was stone skin & PI in WsK2, and even under reapers decrep my fury wolf couldn't handle him on p1!

Well done so far, and good luck in the cellar!

Insane Wayne

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The second I stepped into the Icy Cellar, I knew I was in trouble. Fearful of stairtrap gloam insta-death, I did a couple quick dodging moves as the map spawned. But there weren't any gloams. Instead, a large boss pack of ghosts was waiting right next to the entrance. Because Cosmo was in the lead, they made a beeline straight for him. Jemali and the wolves intercepted a couple, but the rest (including the boss) closed in on me. The last thing I wanted to do was run blindly into new area. But I knew I couldn't tank even one of those ghosts. So I risked stealing a little extra space, huddled up against an ice mound (protection against ranged attacks), and rolled boulders to keep them off me. These ghosts were tough, and during the commotion they killed several wolves and put Jemali in the red. I gave him a rejuv just in time, and had one myself. After a few more boulders, I had the whole pack corner-pinned in a massive blob. Jemali was safe behind the wolves. Molten Boulder worked some magic! :cool:

The next monsters were undead dolls, immune to chilling. I had already upped to p8 before venturing further, for maximum exp through Snapchip's lane. It was packed with monsters, including another ghost pack and flocks of PI Hell Temptresses (extra duty for the amp stick).

Snapchip emerged ahead of his crew. We ganged up on him easily. The rest of his minions came out with another boss pack and champion dolls! Occasionally they skittered out and rushed me, but I smashed them back. Guarding the sparkly chest, champ witches gave Jemali all he could handle. The Berserker alone got him down to the yellow. For shame, Jemali... (actually, it was the sage's fault for getting killed)

We mopped up the middle section, triggering an evil urn. Another witch boss, so we amped her up. Oops, unbreakable PI! Great news: I hit level **, placing another point in Hurricane.

Hell Ancients:
To prepare, I equipped Jemali with Kelpie and Tal's mask. In addition, I carried 3 weapons: Hone Sundan (with an Amn), Malice hyperion spear, and the amp stick in my cube. The rest of my inv was potions. When the Ancients spawned, I noticed Conviction and Blessed Aim auras. I ran to the bottom of the map, instantly leaving behind Madawc and Talic without trying. (I've noticed this before. Wolves have a shorter teleport leash than some minions, which makes it easier to ditch monsters while retreating.)

Korlic was isolated, and Jemali tanked him with little difficulty. I broke out all the weapons, because Korlic was Stone Skin. Malice kept him bleeding and lowered his defense. Still, he was very tough to hit. Jemali applied amp damage, after which he used Hone Sundan. It was a long battle but completely safe as long as I refreshed the Kelpie slowing now and then.

Talic was responsible for the Conviction. No big deal, Cosmo has spent his whole Hell career at -80/-70 resists. :tongue:
I set up a position where Madawc threw into a pillar, while we concentrated on Talic. Madawc wandered out at the end, but didn't pay too much attention to Cosmo.

Finally we chased down Madawc, and trapped him in a corner while I enjoyed the nice view.

Here's a look at Cosmo's level ** stats and skills, in case I bite it in the WSK.
Stats/summoning skills
Elemental skills

Conqueror Cosmo, 1.11 naked HC Druid, level **, Act 5 Hell, WSK


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Wow. Past the Ancients. I thought for sure you would bite it there.

Those guys bring down most of my twinked characters, I can't even ponder doing them nude.