Connection interrupted...


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Connection interrupted...

Hey guys, I've been playing tonight for the past hour or so (it's 11:15 pst now). About 15 minutes ago I got a Connection Interrupted about 1 minute into my game, and now every time I join / start a game I get that after a minute or so, which is weird, because normally if the connection REALLY gets interrupted it just lags and sits there and nothing moves except for my toon if I move it, but it can't effect anything.

Anyone else effected by this, or do I just hafta finish my games in less than a minute? lol

EDIT: Also, I don't get lag and my ping is about 40 on average. Also, the "Connection Interrupted" message, when I've got it in the past, normally stays up for at least 3 seconds, but tonight it's been up for like 1 second max before dumping me back to the chat.


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Hi. I posted the same thing here a few weeks ago and didnt get a single reply. So i went to the Amazon Basin for answers.
And my problem was my modem was just about on the blink. I had to finally replace the modem to take care of the problem. I was getting disconnected every 2-3 mins, for about a week. Never had a problem reentering the game, but staying in was becoming a major problem.
It was also suggested to uninstall and reinstall the game. Another was to lower the 3D to 2D, which i did. But the problem remained until i replaced the modem. I hope this helps a bit.