Conduit Pylon Buff Coming Soon


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Conduit Pylon Buff Coming Soon

[caption id="attachment_382164" align="alignright" width="250"] ZAP ZAP ZAP[/caption]Just added to the upcoming Hotfixes page is good news for those who want Conduit Pylons to once-again be game changing. Conduit Pylon Buff Coming Soon:


  • Dramatically increasing the damage of the Conduit Pylon in both Nephalem and Greater Rifts
  • These changes should result in Conduit feeling more in line with strong pylons like Power and Channeling without trivializing Rift Guardians


The Conduit Pylon nerf went in during the PTR testing and was a huge and obvious decrease in the power of the shrine buff, as we wrote about at the time. The shrine is unchanged in the Live version of Patch 2.1.2 and I've been surprised at the lack of general outrage over the nerf. Talking to Aahz on the podcast last night (to be posted later today) I realized why.

Conduit Pylons feel horribly nerfed for very high end characters (GR40+), but still feel okay for more modestly-endowed heroes.

Even in their currently-nerfed state, Conduit Pylons are still pretty effective for characters who are geared enough for T6 or a bit higher. At that level (or lower) Conduits still zap most things dead in one or two hits, and while they won't insta-gib Guardians as they used to, they are good enough to wipe out Elites pretty well, making them 15 seconds of fun. I've found several playing on live since the patch, and they worked well enough I was wondering if the nerf had been slightly buffed before the patch went live.

They have not, and the difference is my character, not the shrine. Conduits do okay up to GR30 or so, but as you get higher than that, and especially as you get up into GR40 or higher, Conduits feel almost irrelevant. That's why they felt so nerfed to me on the PTR, since I'd used the +2000% legendary drop rate to build a far more powerful character than I have on live. (And I was softcore on the PTR, which makes it easy to add a lot more DPS.)

So your current feelings about Conduit Pylons are probably sourced directly from your character and their relative power level. In any event, we should all appreciate more Conduit Pylons once the hotfix goes live and they become powerful enough to lawnmower your way through trash, while losing their Guardian exploit-ability.


[caption id="attachment_382676" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Conduit PTR pre-nerf.[/caption][caption id="attachment_382677" align="aligncenter" width="290"] Conduit PTR post-nerf.[/caption]

Update: The fix is in, and Conduits are once again pretty darn zappy. If not back to their pre-nerf, "destroy a GR50 Guardian in 2 seconds" state.
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Steven Hazani

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They're rather unnoticeable even on low difficulties now because it crits for under 10 million and doesn't attack very fast. I'm actually fine with this because I'd rather it be my character doing the killing, even if it's enhanced by an effect. Conduit just replaces your abilities instead of enhancing them.


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I'm fairly positive the conduits actually have already received their buff on live, despite it not being mentioned in the official blue hotfix list, which is odd.

But there is definitely a significant difference between conduits as they were the day patch 2.1.2 came out and the conduits as they are now. Either this is a 'test' buff to see how strong they should be, or they've just hotfixed it before updating the hotfix list, or I don't know.

If they get buffed any further they'll practically be back to their original strength. In fact, the damage they're doing now basically does mean that they're back to the status of being necessary to 'farm' in order to achieve the highest GRift levels. Except now you need to farm Conduit + Power pylon (+ favourable Guardian) if you really want to push your RNG.



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The conduits definitely recieved a ninja buff after the patch. The first day of 2.1.2 it barely tickled trash mobs on T6, now it's back to destroying even elites.

First day of 2.1.2: Crits for around 10-15 million
1-2 days after: Crits for around 200 million

Those are my experiences, and numbers I remember off the top of my head.


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They should work as before, kill anything even in greater rifts but the final boss they should be absolute crap as i think killing that should take skills not just popping that and kill the boss alone with that like before.


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I think this is old news. On the weekend I had a Conduit chunk down an RG in 5s or so. Only tier 25 iirc, but still.


Turns out you were correct, and the conduit was buffed the day after the patch.

I didn't play any the first 2 days of the patch, and had the huge drop in power from GR45 PTR to GR28 on live, is my excuse for not noticing!