condensed vs. uncondensed soup


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condensed vs. uncondensed soup

I think the commercials on TV promoting uncondensed soup are really silly. You know the ones I'm talking about. They usually have some couple, and one of them (usually the guy), is making some condensed soup out of a can. The other scolds him for it and then goes on to promote uncondensed soup as an "adult choice." That's what I find to be the silliest part of all.

I say the choice that makes the most adult sense is the one that takes into account the price. A can of condensed soup costs less than a similarly-sized can of uncondensed soup and yet makes twice as much soup.

I'm at this very moment eating a can of Campbell's vegetable "Alphabet" condensed soup. This stuff is so classic!


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I just dont like the taste of any cambells soup. I like condensed soups from wolfgang puck and jake's clam chowder. Cambells just taste.....plain.
Progresso is teh win +1. I do agree that the commercials are stereotyping pieces of crap. Like how the InsuranceXpres commercials always have a black guy trying to rent a nice car. . .


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Most condensed soups are fine; Cambell's chicken noodle is the only one I would ever care to eat (except homemade), other soups add crap like carrots, celery, and peas. If I wanted vegetables I'd get vegetable soup; chicken noodle soup should have just that, chicken and noodles.

Most commercials that have a dumb person in a relationship tend to make the guy that one; if most commercials had females being dumb then that would be sexist. Everyone knows that girls are smarter than guys anyhow.


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thats just the way it is

MatMan said:
Campbell's Chunky is the hands-down heavyweight champion of the soup world.

the only reason i eat that is because some football player does too. that means i will grow up and be a football player. yay.

Pierrot le Fou

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I love the uncondensed soup, and I love the veggies in them. Condensed soups are cheaper, yes, but get a can of Campbell's Chunky Rib Roast or somesuch, and you'll realize the superiourity of an uncondensed soup as you cannot get that same stewy texture if you add water.

Just my two cents.

Are the commercials silly? Sure! But who cares? The soup is still better even if the commercials make your ears bleed.


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Yeah I started buying tons of Campbell's chunky soups. 2 for 3 bucks is not bad. But I'm kinda sick of them at the moment. My favourite is probably chicken gumbo and sausage with wild rice.


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mouschi's tip of the day:
Place your cans of soup in the refridgerator to cool. When you open them, you can skim the fat right off the top. Voila! Healthier soup!


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If the soup is excessively condensed it could collapse upon itself and become a black hole, with gravity so strong not even light can escape.

Those uncondensed soup companies are trying to save the universe as we know it and you pooh-pooh their efforts like this?

For shame!


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That is a common misconception durf. If in fact the soup was so condensed that it collapsed upon itself, it would still give off some radiation, just not much. A pea can escape, but it has to be flicked very quickly off the spoon.