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Concept classes Dragonere and Black Hand

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by knightmawko, May 7, 2009.

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    Apr 5, 2009
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    Concept classes Dragonere and Black Hand

    Okay, first don't start yelling about Dragons, the only dragon I am putting in this class is Trag-oul. I'm not going Final Fantasy on this, the only similarity is that the Dragonere is using spears and is slightly dragon based, but he isn't a jumper or anything, hes something new so lets get started eh.
    The first back story is rather long, I'm a writer at heart.

    Back Story, Dragonere
    >The Dragonere descends from an ancient lost race of the far north. They worshiped the mighty dragon god Trag-oul. They were at constants odds with the Priests of Rathma who worshiped the Dragon God very differently in both theory and practice. Soon enough this erupted into a grand war. The Necromancers, while powerful, were no match for the shear strength of the Dragoneres. When the conflict spilled onto the steps of Mt Arreat, the Priests seduced the Barbarians and Druids of the mount to fight with them. This alliances soon carved a swath directly to the heart of the land and to the mighty stronghold of the Dragoneres. They reached the shrine at the center of the stronghold and were bottlenecked by the most powerful of the Dragoneres, the two guardians. The Necromancers and Druids sealed the two inside the shrine with their combined magics, the seal was supposed to last forever. The records of this war live only in what songs were not lost in the ensuing Mage Clan wars decades later. The Necromancers may have kept records, but no one would know this day and age. When the World Stone shattered the seal was broken. The two escaped to the south and the woman of them became with child. They were perused by a band of Kazhra to a monastery just southwest of Entsteig. The woman died giving birth and the man carried the child away to the steps of the monastery where he died from the wounds inflicted upon him by the Kazhra that he had encountered on his run. The child one day grew wise of his heritage and was drawn north, ever north. He encountered a druid and a tribe of barbarians that had survived the destruction of Mount Arreat and when he found the shrine began rebuilding his race from the remains of the Druids and the knowledge of Trag-oul.

    Wooh, now that thats over lets get to the skills eh
    Skill Trees
    ~Partisan: This tree is spear skills, thrusts, perrys, blocks, damage enhancements, etc. The Dragonere would use a spear and a shield, more Legionair or Hopolite style then the Amazons brutish pike approach to spearmanship.
    ~Dracomancer:Trag-oul gifted these warriors with many gift. This includes buffs, spells, a sort of transformation spell, and weapon augments
    ~Ancient's Desciple: This is where the Barbarian influence comes in, they did not loose their culture in this swift merge in anyway, the Dragonere still holds them highly and they aid him accordingly.

    ~Thrust: Enhanced damage and slight knock back attack with the spear.
    ~Flame Strike: Spear attack, the blade ignites and the spear does both physical and fire damage
    ~Block: Negates damage from all ranged attacks for a short period of time but slows the movement speed of the Dragonere, it also blocks some damage from melee attacks
    ~Partisanship: Passive, increase damage with spear and lance type weapons
    ~Death Strike: hugely enhanced damage from a spear strike
    ~Bear Strike: Enhanced damage, has a chance to stun an enemy.
    ~Dragons fury: does arcane damage with a spear strike.
    ~Lich Strike: Drains health from an enemy with a spear strike, heals the Dragonere accordingly

    ~Dragons Heart: Passive, increases health regeneration rate
    ~Dragons Scales: Passive, increase defense
    ~Trag-ouls Avatar: The Dragonere is possessed by Trag -ouls spirit and looses use of his spear and shield for a short time. spells in Partisan and Ancients Words are disabled and the Dragonere grows fierce claws and his skin hardens like scales to fight with. Health regeneration, defense, speed, and attack are all increased in this form, limited duration.
    ~Holy Wind: The Dragonere shoots a blast of energy from his throat. Similar to inferno but Arcane damage rather then fire.
    ~Claws of Fire: Adds fire damage to Avatar form
    ~Claws of Chaos: Gives a slight chance that the avatar attacks will deal a random status abnormality on strike
    ~Scales of Life: Trag-ouls scales rise from the ground in a powerful wave that deals arcane and physical damage to any ground enemy in its path and heals allies.

    Ancient Desciple
    ~Ancient Bindings: Summons the spirits of the ancients to hold an enemy in place for a short time
    ~Ancient Slumber: The spirit of an ancient occupies a monster for a short time or until the monster is attacked. When the spirit leaves it deals damage to the monster.
    ~Ancients Wings: Increases movement and attack speed of party for a time
    ~Ancients Protection: Aura, increases defense of party
    ~Ancients razor: Aura, increases attack of party
    ~Ancient unity: Aura increases health and manna regeneration of party
    ~Image of the Ancients: Summon, the spirits of the Ancients join you in combat. Summons one level 30 Ancient Barbarian to fight with you, uses a heavy maul as a weapon, has high magic and elemental resists, attack, defense, life, and resists raise with each level.

    The Dragonere wears heavy armor and uses shields and lances, but can still be valid with other weapons he can fill the roll of a shield/alternative warrior, a support unit, a healer and a paladin as well as a tanking unit. I feel like this is a good alternative to just renaming the paladin or repainting the Barb​

    The Black Hand was inspired while I was watching Deadliest Warrior, Yokuza vs Mafia, and I thought a new approach to RPG characters could be a fun twist. The Black Hand is a gang member who is just trying to make a quick buck at first but gets caught up in it and slowly realizes his destiny. This one is not nearly as long of course. This class could fill a speed archetype and a range archetype depending on how it is used. The skills and abilaties would allow for a vallid archer who could defend himself from fast enemies who get through the arrows.

    Back Story
    >The Black Hand once ruled the underground crimeworld in Viz-Jun. They had many many connections in the political world and through trickery and murder they ruled the entire city, the shopkeepers treated their emblem like a royal seal, they took what they wished and if anyone refused they simply killed them on the spot. They're initiations and traditions were deep routed and they had been around since before the Mage Clan Wars. When Viz-Jun fell from grace recently due to unknown treachory the Black Hand spread out, very very thinly throughout Sanctuary. They began taking in almost anyone and they lost their power quickly, but their skill and traditions did not fade. Their history has been lost and still very few know what happened to Viz-Jun, only the oldest of the Black Hand still remember. They have devolved into little more then very very effeciant mercanaries singe the destruction of the World Stone and are hoping that in the times of trouble yet to come they can again seize power somewhere.

    Skill Trees
    ~Enforcer: Combat skills, strikes, passives, assasinations, and shouts
    ~Long Shot: Range skills, passives to increase ranged damage and speed, weapon augments for bows, special shots, etc etc. For this I like the idea of including slingshots in with this charcter.
    ~Technician: Skills with explosives, some traps, self buffs, and tacticle shouts

    ~Jab: Comes forward with any weapon in use and causes the enemy to bleed
    ~Wide Arc: An arcing strike with any weapon, most effective with a sword, has the ability to hit multiple targets
    ~Rain of Blows: Rains multiple blows upon an enemy, fastest with fist weapons such as spiked knuckles or Katars
    ~Horse Strike: A high, downard cutting strike, ignores shields and has a chance of disarming an enemy.
    ~Effeciancy: Increases attack speed with all melee weapon types, including bare hands.
    ~Red Eye: The Black Hand goes into a frenzy and his melee damage is increased, mana and health regeneration drop to zero and agility goes down but movement speed increases.
    ~Throw sand: Temporarily disorients or blinds an enemy by throwing sand into their eyes during combat
    ~Stumble: Kicks an enemy in the chest, causes them to stumble back and may disarm them
    ~End Game: The Black Hand jumps from point to point an a large weblike pattern, damaging everything he hits. AOE, similar to omnislash from Final Fantasy 7, only its AOE, picture the Black Hand shooting back and forth and a little circle with ghost trails behind him and then shooting in and out of the middle repetativly, thats what I was pictureing.
    Keep in mind all of these skills, except Endgame would do little damage at low levels compared to the barbarians skills as the Black Hand is better implicated as a range charecter with mellee as a defense mechanism​

    Long Shot
    ~Power shot: An extremely fast and powerful bow/slingshot attack.
    ~Soft Spots: Shoots directly for the eyes of a target, not as accurate as other ranged attacks but has a chance to stun and disarm a target if it hits.
    ~Flight Mastery: Increases damage with all ranged weapons.
    ~Fire Arrow: Only works with bows, augments an aarow with fire damage
    ~Expoading pellets: Only works with slinghost, fires a pellet that exploads on impact, dealing spalsh damage and fire damage.
    ~Bullseye: A slingshot attack that can not miss
    ~Grapeshot: Fires multiple pellets from a sling shot giveing it spread damage, has the ability to hit multiple targets multiple times
    ~Rapid Fire: Attack speed is greatly increased for a short time with the slingshot, but accuracy goes down
    ~Signal Arrow: Shoots up a special signal arrow high into the air and Black Hand snipers in the arrea rain fire down upon your targeted area. Picutre a shining arrow going up into the air and then a bunch of arrows raining down from nowhere, maybe some coming out of bushes or trees around you.
    ~Poison Pellet: Shoots a stone coated in poision fro the slingshot, adding poison damage

    ~Flash Bomb: stuns enemies for a short time
    ~Choking Smoke Bomb: Silences enemies and disrupts any casting or chaneling, if casting or chaneling is interupted the enemy is stunned
    ~Powder Bomb: Deals fire and physical splash damage
    ~Black Eggs: Thrown at the eyes, these expload on contact, relatively short ranged. Deal high damage and confuse enemys for short time.
    ~Disarm: If the Black Hand is fighitng hand to hand or with a fist weapon he disarms the enemy to make the terms even.
    ~Greased armor: Passive, increases evasiveness of Black Hand
    ~Hands of the Tiger: Passive, gives the Black Hand the ability to block ranged attacks
    ~Razor Trap: Sets up a trap that fires razor sharp disks at enemies.
    ~Preasure Charge: Lays down a powder charge triggered by preasure that can cripple and slow enemies.
    ~Red Sand: Illuminates traps on the floor or possible hazzards for a short time

    At first I was thinking to make just a Monk Assasin Hybrid, but I feel like this could also fill the range archetype just by adding the Long Shot tree. As for the look Im thinking something similar to the assasin, but more uniformed. Has a tatoo of the Black Hand emblem on his chest. Wears alot of cloaks and hoods, possibly something like the assassins creed guy, but rather then his emblems and white colors replace it with Black Hand emblems and darker colors, aslo add chainmail and plate to the outfit to fit the time and game feel. ​

    <> I promise, last section. I tink a good class specific quest for the Black Hand, another reason I like this idea, could be going back to Viz-Jun and finding out what happened to the city, fighitng to purge it of domens and reseating the Black Hand. Also the reactions of charcters to this charcter would all be negative, "I know your type" or, "I have no money, please, leave me" Also this could ease the mood with his reactions, being a kid and a smart mouth, aswell as a punk who doesnt want to save the world, just make money but it grows on him.

    Tell me what you think, offer sudgestions, whatever just dont try to burn my thread down please, no flaming eh?
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  2. Chumpystyle

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    Re: Concept classes Dragonere and Black Hand

    I'm a bit confused about the backstory of the Dragoneres - were the Druids and Barbarians aiding the Necromancers - and if that's the case, why the affinity between the Dragoneres and the Barbs?

    I guess I just find it odd from a lore point of view that any class would recieve assistance from the ancients besides the Barbarians.

    I don't mind the concept - although I think that limiting any character to a single class of weapons (in this case, the spear) does reduce the fun you can have with them.

    Regarding the black hand, I see it as a more flexible character, with both melee and ranged options - including the slingshot.
  3. Chorkstain

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    Re: Concept classes Dragonere and Black Hand

    I'm not sure about this class. Nothing really original as far as movesets go, and a lot of moves are kind of finicky and uninteresting, like disarming side effects and the like. Reading the Partisan abilities was a bit of a disappointment, seeing as they were all simply spear attacks with elemental damage or some other unremarkable effect.

    As a suggestion, try giving the class some forethought before writing a huge post about it, perhaps think about how this character fundamentally plays differently rather than going off a vague, nice feeling about a class.
  4. jamazerto

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    Re: Concept classes Dragonere and Black Hand

    Hey I like the back story part I thinks its important to describe the spirit of a character and blizz really insists on characters following philosophies in their game play. However about the dragonere I agree the char has little tactical originality. I don't know if you're interested in it, but I posted a thread in which I gave quiet some thought on how to make a spear wielder fun and original strategy wise (its called "a spear wielder type ?" ) check it out if you're interested and tell me if tis fits with your characters philosophy.
  5. knightmawko

    knightmawko IncGamers Member

    Apr 5, 2009
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    Re: Concept classes Dragonere and Black Hand

    I see where your coming from and I dunno if I made it clear but the child who revived the race later sired the race from a small group of barbarians and druids that aided him on his quest. He used the knowledge from the shrine and essentially hybridized the two races.


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