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Complete 1.07 Runeword List

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by Cain, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Cain

    Cain IncGamers Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    Complete 1.07 Runeword List

    Here's the complete 1.07 runeword list right out of the .mpq. As you can see a lot of the current runewords have changed, but some remain the same and even the previously hidden ones like Splendor. What you do with this list is up to you and I'm not responsible for any runes lost.

    Runeword Name 		Item Type 		Runes
    Ancient's Pledge 	shld 			Ral Ort Tal 
    Armageddon 		axe club pole hamm 	Amn Jah Cham Sol Am n Ith
    Authority		helm 			Zod Gul Um 
    The Beast 		axe club hamm 		Zod Tir Um Mal Lum 
    Beauty 			helm 			El Ral Eth 
    Black 			club hamm mace 		Io Sol Eld 
    Blood 			spea axe swor 		Jah Ber El Um 
    Bone 			spea wand		Lum Eld 
    Bramble 		tors 			Eth Ral 
    Brand 			scep swor 		El Hel Ral Ith 
    Breath of the Dying 	weap 			Jah Tal Ist Lo Ort Lem
    Broken Promise 		weap 			Tal Ohm Dol 
    Call to Arms 		weap 			Thul Ith Thul Mal 
    Bound by Duty		tors 			Tir Amn El Ort 
    Chance 			weap 			Lo Ral 
    Chaos 			tors 			Sur Ort Eld Shael 
    Crescent Moon 		axe swor pole 		Eld Hel Um 
    Darkness 		mele 			Tal Amn Gul Nef Thul 
    Daylight 		mele 			Amn Tir Jah 
    Death 			weap 			Dol Lem Nef Tal Eth 
    Deception 		knif 			Ko Dol Eth 
    Delirium 		helm 			Lem Ort Io 
    Desire 			helm 			Lo Ort Ith 
    Despair 		mele 			Pul Cham Lum Pul Ort 
    Destruction 		axe club hamm 		Eth Ral Gul Amn 
    Doomsayer 		axe club hamm 		Shael Ber Pul Ith Eth Th ul
    Dragon 			mele Um 		Nef Lum Eth Lo 
    Dread 			mele 			Lem El Ko Hel 
    Dream 			helm 			Ral Eth 
    Duress			tors 			Shael Um Thul 
    Edge 			axe swor knif 		Ber Ort 
    Destiny's Daughter 	helm 			Nef Vex El 
    Enigma 			tors			Cham Ber Ith 
    Enlightenment 		helm 			Thul Eld 
    Envy 			helm 			Ko Tir 
    Eternity 		mele 			Pul El Tal Lem Ber 
    Exile's Path 		shld 			Tal Nef Tir Thul 
    Faith 			shld 			Fal Cham Um Ral 
    Famine 			axe club 		Eld Vex Eld Tir Lem 
    Flickering Flame 	swor 			Pul Eth Tal 
    Fortitude 		club hamm mace scep 	Shael Eth Tir 
    Fortune's Favor 	knif 			Eth Amn Sur Hel Vex 
    Amity 			shld 			Shael Tal 
    Fury 			mele 			Jah Lum Ist 
    Gloom 			axe 			Gul Ith Shael 
    Glory 			mele 			Mal Fal Tal Eld 
    Widowmaker 		miss 			Lum Ist Eld Eld 
    Hand of Justice 	mace scep		Ko Eld Zod Sur Um Io
    Harmony 		tors 			Sol Zod Hel 
    Hatred 			mele 			Ral Thul Pul Io Tal 
    Heart of the Oak 	staf club 		El Nef Eth Hel 
    Heaven's Will 		scep 			Mal Hel Ko Shael Amn Ko
    Holy Tears 		scep		 	Ist Ral Tal Gul 
    Holy Thunder 		scep 			Tal El Eld Eth 
    Honor 			mele 			Ith Ort Sol Ral Ral 
    Dweomer 		staf			 Nef Tal Tir Ral 
    Humility 		helm 			Ith Shael El 
    Hunger 			swor knif axe spea 	Ral Hel 
    Ice 			swor knif axe spea 	Tal Hel Io Nef 
    Infinity 		staf 			El El Sol Tal 
    Innocence		scep 			Ith Um 
    Insight 		helm 			El Nef Fal 
    Jealousy 		weap 			Hel Io Ort Lem 
    Judgment 		mele Lem 		Ort Tal El Amn 
    King's Grace 		swor scep 		Nef Eld Eth 
    Kingslayer 		swor axe 		Mal Ort Gul 
    Knight's Vigil 		mele 			Ral Nef Eth Lum El 
    Thirst for Knowledge 	helm 			Ort Lem 
    Last Wish 		shld 			Sol Thul Ral Ith 
    Law 			shld 			Um Ral Fal El 
    Lawbringer 		mele 			Um Lem Ber 
    Leaf 			staf 			Eld Ith 
    Lightning 		mele 			Io Hel Sol El 
    Lionheart 		tors 			Ort Lum Io 
    Lore 			helm 			Amn Thul 
    The Lovers 		shld 			Gul Fal Gul Sur 
    Loyalty 		shld 			Nef Ral Um 
    Lust 			mele 			Sol El Ort El Lo Eld
    Madness 		helm 			Gul Ohm 
    Malice 			mele 			Tir El Nef 
    Melody 			miss 			Thul Io Eth 
    Memory 			staf 			Jah Ort Nef El 
    Mist 			mele 			Amn Ral 
    Morning Dew 		shld 			El Vex Tir 
    Mystery 		staf 			Sol Eth Lem 
    Myth 			staf 			Ohm Zod Hel Ith 
    Nadir 			helm 			El Tir 
    Nature's Kingdom 	club Um 		Eth Um Ral 
    Nightfall 		mele 			Ral Ith Gul Amn 
    Oath 			scep 			Io El Nef Ort 
    Obedience 		tors 			Io Lum 
    Oblivion 		axe hamm mace 		Jah Zod El Io Hel Sur
    Obsession 		mele 			El Sol Ith Tal 
    Passion 		mele 			Mal Tir Io 
    Patience 		helm 			Amn Sol 
    Pattern 		weap 			Tal Ort Tal Tir Eld 
    Peace 			shld 			Um Ith Eld Lem 
    Winter 			mele 			El Ith El Ort Eth El
    Penitence 		mele 			Thul Hel Ith 
    Peril 			weap			Fal Tir 
    Pestilence 		weap 			Tir Ko Tir Sol 
    Phoenix 		mele 			Amn Sur Ort Hel 
    Piety 			scep 			El Ber Eth 
    Pillar of Faith 	scep 			Pul Lem Ith Tal Ith 
    Plague 			knif swor spea		Pul Shael 
    Praise 			scep mace 		Vex Eth 
    Prayer 			scep Sol Eth 		Shael Tir 
    Pride 			mele 			Dol Fal Eth 
    Principle 		mele 			Zod Nef Mal 
    Prowess in Battle 	weap 			Shael Ral 
    Prudence 		tors 			Mal Tir 
    Punishment 		mele 			Eld Nef Ral Mal 
    Purity 			mele 			Tir Amn Ohm Ort Ko 
    Question 		staf 			Sol El Ith 
    Radiance		helm 			Eth Tir Tal 
    Rain 			club 			Cham Ith 
    Reason 			helm 			Amn Vex Lem 
    Red 			weap 			Shael Ort Io 
    Rhyme			shld 			Ort Sol 
    Rift 			axe 			Eld Tir Ort Eld Ko Ith
    Sanctuary 		shld 			Ko Tir Ral Thul 
    Serendipity 		club mace scep 		Ith Fal 
    Shadow 			h2h			Lo Ith Ral Thul 
    Shadow of Doubt 	helm 			Tal Amn 
    Silence 		weap 			Lum Ort Fal Lem Io Lem
    Siren's Song 		mele 			Lo Thul Tal Lem 
    Smoke 			tors 			Hel Tir 
    Sorrow 			mele 			Tir Nef Shael Gul Nef 
    Spirit 			weap 			Mal El El Ber Shael 
    Splendor 		shld 			Eth Lum
    Starlight 		staf swor 		Lem Nef Tir 
    Stealth 		scep 			Eth El 
    Steel 			swor axe mace 		Nef Tir 
    Still Water 		mele 			El Thul
    Sting 			swor knif 		Nef Amn Lum 
    Stone 			mace hamm club 		Ral Thul El 
    Storm 			axe hamm 		El Tir Hel Nef Tir 
    Strength 		mele 			Ort Tal 
    Tempest 		weap			Eth Eld Ral Ist 
    Temptation 		helm 			El Ko 
    Terror 			weap 			Ist Ith Fal El 
    Thirst 			mele 			Eld Ort 
    Thought 		helm 			Shael Io 
    Thunder 		hamm mace axe 		Hel Ist 
    Time 			staf 			Sur Gul Ber Nef Jah Ko
    Tradition 		scep 			El Ort Nef Ral 
    Treachery 		mele 			Sur Ko Vex 
    Trust 			helm 			Amn Eld Cham 
    Truth 			swor			Fal Um Ohm Vex Nef Lum
    Unbending Will 		tors 			Ort Cham Tal Tal 
    Valor 			mele			Nef El Lo 
    Vengeance 		weap 			Ith Amn El 
    Venom 			weap 			Ort Sol Mal 
    Victory 		mele 			Tal Nef Eld El 
    Voice 			helm 			Tir Ith
    Void 			mele 			Amn El Jah Ral Pul 
    War 			weap 			Gul Amn Nef Tir Nef 
    Water 			mele 			Eth Ohm Zod Io 
    Wealth 			tors 			Tal Pul El 
    Whisper 		mele 			Dol Tir El 
    White 			wand 			Lum Ith Eld 
    Wind 			mele 			Sur El 
    Wings of Hope 		mele 			Thul Tir Lum Tir Ral 
    Wisdom 			staf 			Ral Jah Ral Ko El 
    Woe 			mele 			Tir Nef Ith Ort Dol 
    Wonder 			wand 			Nef Sol Ist 
    Wrath 			mele 			Ral Eth Lo Hel El 
    Youth 			tors 			Ral Hel Tir Lum Pul 
    Zephyr 			miss 			Tal Ith
  2. Fast Willie

    Fast Willie IncGamers Member

    Oct 14, 2003
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    wasn't this list completely reworked between 1.07 and now? like breath of the dying, or heart of the oak, for instance...
  3. Cain

    Cain IncGamers Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    As mentioned above:

  4. IcemanJ256

    IcemanJ256 IncGamers Member

    May 12, 2004
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    Heart of the Oak staf club El Nef Eth Hel
    they should have left it like that :lol:
  5. Cain

    Cain IncGamers Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    Please make the following changes to that list. The formatting as a little off on some of them:

    Runeword Name 		Item Type 	Runes
    Dragon 			mele 		Um Nef Lum Eth Lo 
    Judgment 		mele 		Lem Ort Tal El Amn 
    Nature's Kingdom 	club 		Um Eth Um Ral
    Prayer 			scep 		Sol Eth	Shael Tir
  6. wathombe

    wathombe IncGamers Member

    Nov 10, 2003
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    See also this thread in the statistics forum, where we've been testing this list (among others) extensively for the past month.

    Any assistance will be appreciated.

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