Complaint, greivance and a silly idea..


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Complaint, greivance and a silly idea..

So I was participating in a Diablo run just now. I was the only necro in the party up until around when Diablo appeared. A higher lvl sorc was helping out the group so Diablo was destined to go down in about 5 or so hits.. right before he does, a few other necros show up (around my lvl), get partied, tp in and stand around for the last hit or so.. I see a yellow shrunken head drop but unfortunately one of them grabs it and the game disperses.

From the looks of it, it wasn't a set-up, just being in the right place at the right time (or the wrong time, for me) but really, it got me thinking that it would be kind of nice for some kind of timer (similar to the trading timer) when joining a party before you can pick anything up.. at least a minute or two. Or maybe even at least one enemy kill.. or SOMETHING.

What aggravated me the most is that, for the most part, I avoid games 3/4ths done at all costs and even if I join one and stay, jump right into the fray, no matter how much work is left to be done. In my mind, I can almost see the other people muttering (much like I do fairly often) on the other end of their screen something like "Good for nothing necro.. bad enough he's ten levels lower but he just stands around then grabs the loot!"

I always try to be as cooperative as possible in pub games *pauses for pointing and laughter* and I guess a small (eternally naive part of me) kind of expects others to have at least a shred of decency in regards to reaping the benefit of the work of others.

Ah well, at least from the looks of it (on these forums) while I may not come across too many people like that in actual games, I've noticed that I'm not the last member of a dying breed of decent players as I had previously thought for a long time. :)


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I sound like a broken record but ...

Stay out of the public games. The worst of the worst play there. I know that there are times when it is necessary to play in the pubbies, but avoid it as much as you can.

The reason you believe that the decent players are a dying breed is because the decent ones are playing in private games. You should join the revolution! :D


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Starseed said:
I really, really should, I know but for the most part private games consist of.. well, me. :p

Well, if you play on USWest SCL you are welcome to join me and my band of misfits any day. :)