Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)


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Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

Changed it since it hasn't been updated since Jan 12, 08. The new style, this site finally got spoilers.

Version 3 -
- Redid some organization
- Rare evaluation link
- still needing other informational links (blizz sorc, more comprehensive rare evaluation)
1. Why
I'll begin with why you should read this. It's a quick guide that will help you get used to classic on It assumes some generic DII knowledge by the way.

Classic is a complete, different world of the game. The basic goal of the guide is to give you an idea of what classic really is as well as an idea of how you would go about starting it.
1a. Differences
gameplay -
- LoD is more of a rush through the game by high levels and without them, it's pretty hard to get started. In classic, people are at the same level as the area, and clear it, much more often. When leveling a character, the character to be leveled is more often the one who's actually doing the fighting.

community -
- The community of classic reminds me a lot of exactly what DII is compared to People talk more often, play through the game, and are generally at least a bit more friendly. Take into account the fact that the community is smaller and has a section for it on DII. Often any ideas by players are reflected greatly in the actual game. A build you come up with could easily become a new cookie cutter.

technical -
- The most obvious differences here are:
a) no runewords, charms; less uniques/sets; no mercenary equipping (less overpowered builds)
b) no Act V (slower leveling)
c) no druid/assassin class (less builds)

the following threads add more to this.
why classic
2. Getting Started
This is what most classic guides seem to completely lack. So you want to start classic, usually either for a change of pace or to rush without the level requirement or glitching, but you have no idea how to.

The main (best) builds to begin with (imo) are:

a) MF (Orb) Sorc
Easily the better of the two MF characters, but only in my opinion. They can use easily found set items or even uniques to kill effectively. Note static can drop a boss to a sliver even in hell mode.

b) MF (WW) Barb
The only other real option in MFing to start out imo. They kill the super unique mobs while sorcs kill the bosses. Unfortunately, though they use easily found gear as well, balancing resist and leeches can be difficult on a budget.

c) CS (Blizzard) Sorc
Arguably the easiest to level of all characters. You can level up Ice Blast to help level early on as well as run a few MF targets easily.

c) Chanter
A somewhat obscure build to start with, it's easily one of the best choices. A chanter (somewhat rare in LoD) is a sorceress based on the fire skill enchant which can be used on low level characters to kill tougher mobs. A chanter's main purpose as a beginning character is to easily level more characters. Makes sense, right? They level relatively quickly once they get splash damage (ravenclaw) and don't need to kill effectively anyway, because they only serve as a utility later.


The first step to building up a character is usually leveling it to a decent level. Note that these are the universal guidelines, and some builds are better off with specialized plans.

Without enchant -
1-5 = blood moor, den of evil, cold plains
5-15 = tristram
16-19 = tomb of tal rasha
20-25 = norm cows
25-30 = nm cows
25-40 = nm cs (chaos sanctuary)
25+ = hell cs

With enchant -
1-12 = countess/tower
12~15 = catacombs
rest is the same

*Looting cow games helps early on to get a lot of gold to shop.

*With enchant it is noteable that you might not want to be rushed already when cowing.
guide to cow king

*Urdars give in River of Flame give good exp until level 92. Special venom lords (SV) give good exp in CS. Not prepopping seals (hitting all five before the bosses are killed) helps because minions give as much exp as the bosses themselves.

*Chaos Sanctuary is the baal run of classic in a sense. You'll want to know how to act in one. Barbs usually bo at River WP once the run is established. Sorcs usually tele and hit the seals. Sometimes you should let a hammer field be set up before hitting the boss seal. Paladins do the general killing in hell mode. They use Redemption so try not to overeat corpses. And experience shrines are only for the highest level in hell mode.

MF targets

Just a listing to help set a sort of guideline as well. Barbs can pop super uniques so that makes them special.

Rakanishu - mostly for barbs, relatively easy
Boneash - inner cloister's exit, relatively hard area
Andariel - probably the hardest boss in the game imo, drops decently as long as she doesn't die near a chest, be sure to glitch

Fireeye - act 2 arcane sanctuary's portal back, relatively easy

Flayer Jungle - mostly for barbs, helps to level and has a lot of champion mobs
Stormtree - between Flayer and Lower Kurast, relatively hard
Travincal - imo the hardest area in the game, they're pretty glitchy and drop good gold/rares
Mephisto - most common target as always, read about glitching him, drops well

Chaos Sanctuary - drops a good amount of rares, 3 super uniques, relatively hard
Diablo - only boss to drop +2 skill amulets, drops well
2a. Itamz
this thread gives an outline -
Orphan's Item Mod List

Items are based on sort of a tier system.

1) PGems are the rock bottom of it.
2) Shard-worthy items include set pieces (iratha's)
3) Gull-worthy items include decent rares and other desirable uniques.
4) SoJ class items include good rares.
5) Godly rares are things not commonly traded for even SoJ's.

rares -

Rares are the basis of better gear set-ups. These are generally your target for mfing.

(listed are desirable mods for certain item bases)

Helmets - FHR (10), Life (max is 40), Resist (max is 30, preferrable above 20, no poison)
Armors - FHR (10, 17, 24), Life (max is 60), Resist (same as above), strength (up to 15), dex (up to 10)
Shields - FHR (10, 17), increased blocking (10, 20), prismatic (up to 20, stack raises value), +paladin (1, 2), ed (only on higher defense shields, up to 100)
Gloves - strength (up to 9), dex (up to 15), resist (above), ed (above), ias (20), leeches (up to 3)
Belts - FHR (10, 17, 24), Life (max is 60), Resist (above), strength (20)
Boots - FHR (10), FRW (10, 20, 30), Resist (above, up to 40), dex (up to 9)

Amulets - +skills (1, 2), prismatic (up to 20), str (up to 20), dex (up to 20), life (up to 60), mana (don't know..), fcr (10)
Rings - resists (above), str/dex (up to 15), life (up to 40), fcr (10)

Martels, Ancient Axe, Executioner Sword, Lance - +barb (1, 2), ed (up to 200), ar (up to 300), -req (20, 30), elemental damages
Battle Hammer, Naga, Flail - same as above and +din (1, 2), ias (40), minus barb skills on flail
Rune/Gothic Bow - same as above minus skills, ias goes to 20, +zon (1, 2)

*Martel and BH are particularly valuable.

Rare Evaluation Part 1
Rare Evaluation Part 2

uniques -
Only an estimate. But this is the basis of item value.

2) Shard (unique blade) level - iratha's finery, angelic raiment
3) Gull-level - goldskin, hotspur, silks of the victor
4) SoJ-level - only rares, relatively good

akukami's item evaluation guide
2b. Charz
The basis of stats is this -

Strength - as low as possible (often not base though), exception is barbs which may put some for damage
Dexterity - as low as possible, often times if not always base
Vitality - the rest

*dex doesn't affect block

----- ----- -----

Only the most cc builds listed.

mf barb - ww mace

mf sorc - orb, teleport

mf zon - lf

mf din - hammer


3. Shout Outs
WarlockCC - yes, first on the list. Imo the coolest mod for actually responding in help threads, being relatively active in-game as well as on the site, and being easy to talk to.
Me - yeah. I wrote the chanter guide so nheh.
Anybody in links - yeap
Squiggle - generally helpful
Demek - comments helped with second version
Akukami - pretty much made a foundation for classic and made the glitcher sorc popular
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Good job!
I think you hit many important aspects of classic, which will help the many people who read this.

No clue on the title. So anybody's creative suggestion would probably outdo it.
Best I could come up with is "Classic for Dumbies"

I want to see people's opinions on using the glitcher build while actually csing.
Sorry, but I didn't cs with my glitcher, so no opinion there.

I think it should be stickied.


edit:i'm too slow, it's been stickied



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So tempted to come back to classic...I know the reason why you rank sorcs above all is due to tele, but why barbs above hammerdins ? When I used to be active (around mid-2004 I think) barbs needed relatively decent equipment to do well, and hammerdins can use gear and have a good killing speed...


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River of fire area lvl is 77. Being unique gives +3 lvls if I recall right. So that's like 80 max. How could lvl88 - 91 get any exp here from Urdars? Are they bugged? =)


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Sorcs above barbs is their easy resists. Barbs over hammerdin is find item. Barbs can use bonesnap pretty effectively, and manage with some sets/unique combinations. I really don't recommend them almost. I had trouble with their resist/leech balancing. Hammerdin imo isn't the best first character but it's in the character guides. Their main trouble is solo killing. I guess CS gives easy leveling with easy gear but that's why I was asking about glitchers in CS. There's blizzers too.

I don't think they're bugged. It was suggested by somebody in the last version. I have no clue honestly. I know in LoD champions get a rather high mlvl boost.

edit - that should be solo targets.


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Nice guide. Very clear and apart from a bit of fleshing out where you mentioned ... fantastic. Thank you.


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Can 40 mf rings spawn in classic? That's both mf affix and prefix on a magical ring.


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Thanks. ^^ I forgot how long I wrote this after I started playing classic. I could probably check later but it was actually really soon after I started. I'm glad it wasn't some nub guide.

According to orphan's mod listings, yes. Nearly the same as in LoD except maybe ilvl. It's probably incredibly rare to get anything about 30, though. It's a different mod after 15 mf in the suffix. They're rare in LoD too.


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Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

never found rare gloves with 20 ias on classic, u sure bout that ?
mana goes up to 60 on amus and rings
also mana is desirable on boots and gloves (max 40)

i mentioned urds earlier from personal experience, often during some high level cs soso's stop for them on their way to cs, the exp was noticeable even when i was 90, was told by higher chars that this works up to 92

i've been doing a lot shard/gull trading recently on euro, my observations:

- shard tier - frosties, eyeless, sback, gwrap, raven, angelic amy, iratha parts
shard tier - twitch, mfists, goblins, ume's, low tarns/snaps
+shard tier - decent tarns/snaps, 40+ wards
- gull tier - 48-49 ward/tarn, ~168+ snap
gull tier - p ward/tarn/snap

these wary depending on individual needs, but not greatly
gulls are overpriced now, i guess because they are hoarded in great numbers unlike other gull tier items

"All things classic" would be fine name, if it wasn't taken ;)


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Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

River of fire area lvl is 77. Being unique gives +3 lvls if I recall right. So that's like 80 max. How could lvl88 - 91 get any exp here from Urdars? Are they bugged? =)
I dont know if they are bugged or not, but it works (at least to level 87).



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Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

This might be handy to add, mind you, this is my personal view and I don't know if other people share it, but the people I spoke with on seem to share my view on this.

gulls are good to keep as small currency.
But the following seems to hold true for most realms :
gull = silks = goldskin = perfect(MF wise) tarn = perfect(res wise) ward

On most items you will want at least 4 mods of value.

Mods of value on a armor are :
fhr 17/24
life over 50
res over 25 of the type fire,lightning or cold
sometimes str over 10

Mods of value on a helm are :
fhr 10
life over 35
res over 25 of the type fire,lightning or cold
high defence on a grim type helm.

On a belt :
fhr 17/24
Str from 15 to 20
life over 50
res over 25 of the type fire,lightning or cold

On boots :
frw 30+fhr 10
res over 35 of the type fire,lightning or cold
dex 9
Sometimes 40 mana counts towards value. Not often though.

Weapons :
150+ed combined with it being a exceptional item counts as 2 good Mods
AR over 200
+min damage over 10
+max damage over 15
-req 20 or 30
Str 9 or on blunt weapons more then 10
any res over 25 of the type fire,lightning or cold
+cold damage is sometimes a plus, rarely though.

Consider any item that does not have 4 mods to be valued a PS(maybe 2) unless somebody is specifically looking for the mods you happen to have on that item. The odds of which are usually very, very low.


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Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

That works very nicely. I might revise this later.

Not a rhetorical question. Why didn't I include Hammerdin in the starting builds and Summoner whatsoever? x_x


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Re: Compilation Guide (Manual/how2classic)

I wanted to know which mods are available in Classic, but the link to Orphan's mod list doesn't work. :(