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Do you think an Friendly Fire Option Should be avalible at Game Creation?

  • Yes

    Votes: 8 16.7%
  • No

    Votes: 36 75.0%
  • Don't care either way

    Votes: 4 8.3%

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Community Rep. Poll!

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Greyghost is a ghost candidate and his runningmate is himself!


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I love freedom. That's why I voted for Poing + boobies + Trout + bewbs


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Um, nothing personal, but I know none of these people, their stances on issues, or what the position entails. Given this, I don't want anyone representing me under the guise that, should something happen which I'm unhappy with, I should've informed my rep.

Sorry, and I'm not letting the 'don't vote and you don't get a say' win here, either. I'm not going to get political here, other than to say most people don't know how to run a government, and most who do are dead.


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since I voted for you: If you win could you please elect me embassador to Canada and deport me there?? :grin: please
bewbs made the choice soooo easy and obvious, along with boobies...(I bet there is a hidden Durf in there as well - if not - well, not a valid poll lacking crucial options)





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I voted to Merick and KT.
Now KT you owe me a pint of beer, you can subtitute with a soj if you are poor to buy me one :azn:


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since I voted for you: If you win could you please elect me embassador to Canada and deport me there?? :grin: please
I'll do you one better and make you ambassador. Andorra and Estonia are still open if anyone wants 'em.



Exit polling: I voted for Durf and Ash because it is not polite to vote for oneself. Plus the Chinese girl Ash has the most posts and is the best known, so he will represent us well.

I like how wing voted randomly without knowing what he was voting for. But then we're running without knowing what we're running for. Just like the Democrats.

By the way, it turns out that the winner of the poll will get banned. Thanks for the tip, Elly. Now I'm rather glad I didn't vote for myself.

Edit: What's Poing?


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since bewbs generally appear in pairs, we might have to divide their votes in half (or if ther the boobs from the alien chick in total recal, we better divide the votes by 3)