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Community Forum Rules & Links

1. Community Forum Rules – V2.1. Last Updated: 09/13/06

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#2. Useful Links
#3. Guides in Progress
#4. Contact Information
#5. Changes & Updates
Diablo: IncGamers Forum Index

Welcome to the Diabloii.Net Community Forum - ground zero for general Diablo 2 discussion. Before joining in the chit-chat, take some time to familiarize yourself with our rules and posting guidelines. This is not your average internet message board – we have rules and they are well-enforced. Follow them and you’ll have a great time here. Break them and you’ll be shown to the exit. It’s that simple.

Please make an effort to treat your fellow forumers with civility - that goes for newcomers and long-time posters alike. We sometimes have disagreements here. Everybody is entitled to their opinions. Likewise, everybody is entitled to be treated with some respect.

The Diabloii.Net Forum Ten Commandments
Read them. Know them. Be them. There is no excuse for breaking any of these.

Rules and Guidelines for the Community Forum:
Breaking any of the following may result in a warning or ban.

  • No asking or providing links/information for hacks/bots/cheats or any third party program that may be in violation of Blizzard's TOS/EULA. Break this one and you will be instantly perma-banned, no questions asked.
  • No asking for files that can be found on the game CDs for any reason. This includes CD - Keys. That's piracy, folks.
  • No Flaming or Trolling.
  • No Bypassing the Word Filter. More on this in "Other Stuff" below.
  • No Advertising. We are not a free advertising service for commercial websites, eBay auctions, or D2 sites with content that may be considered similar to ours. Not sure if a link is appropriate? PM a mod and ask before posting.
  • No Spamming. More on this in "Other Stuff" below.
  • No starting threads to ask for free items. Look around the boards for possible giveaway threads and ask there - and no begging for free CD-keys, period.
  • No starting threads to ask for help with Quests/Trades/Item Values.
- Looking for friends to play with? Need a rush? Help with difficult quests? Muling? A clan to join? Try our Player Matchup Forum.
- You may also request help with muling and quests in our Community Forum Help Thread.
- Have items for trade? Please use our Trading Forums.
- Want to know what your items might be worth? Try our Trade Values Forum.

Other Stuff:

Reporting Bad Posts: Is someone breaking the rules or acting like a jerk? Don’t take matters into your own hands or you could end up getting yourself in trouble. Instead, summon a moderator. On the top and right hand side of every single post is a “!” button. Pressing that will take you to a web form screen where you may type out a brief description of the problem and press “submit”. A moderator will be along to check things out as soon as possible.

The Word Filter: Diablo 2 may be rated Mature, but this forum is not. Thus, we have a filter that replaces naughty words with asterisks (****). Please refrain from attempting to bypass the word filter by replacing letters with numbers, symbols, spaces and so forth. We don't like that. Making a habit of doing so can put your posting privileges at risk. If some of the words you've posted are filtered out, you will have to accept it.

Off-Topic (OT) Threads: Topics unrelated to Diablo 2 belong in our Off-Topic Forum. However, we do allow some OT chit-chat in Community, provided it does not get out of hand. The number of OT threads allowed in Community is limited to three on page one at any given time. Regardless, such threads may still be subject to being moved to the OTF at the moderator’s discretion. We also have a dedicated OT Thread stickied near the top of the board. Consider starting an OT topic there. If you absolutely must start your own off-topic thread, please put "OT" in the title.

Spamming: So what constitutes “spamming” anyway? Some examples include: making a big deal out of your post count; making a crappy post with the intention of bumping your thread back to the top of the boards; posting the same thread in multiple forums and numerous other things - but I’m sure you get the picture.

Double-Posting: “Double-posting” is defined as making two posts in a row in the same thread. If you submit a post and suddenly remember something you want to add, use the “Edit” button located below your post to add material. The “Edit” feature may be used to modify your post for up to an hour after its creation.

I Want A Signature!: Read here. Since Signatures are a perk that our Pals have paid for, we reserve the right to ask nonsubscribers who add them manually to their posts to stop.

Questions/Threads about Single-Player Mods: Discussion of SP mods (Runeword mod, Red Rune, Eastern Sun, etc) is allowed; however, this stuff belongs in the Single Player Forum. Threads of this nature appearing in Community are subject to being moved/locked/deleted, etc.

I Got Banned! What’s the Deal?: Well, I told you not to break the rules, right?! First, check the last few threads you posted in – it is very likely that a moderator made a post that details the reason for the ban and its duration. If it’s a temporary ban, your posting privileges will resume after the stated time. Do not make a new account to ask why you were banned. Instead, contact your moderator via email if you have questions (email addresses are below in Post #4). Making a new account while under a temp-ban will result not only in the banning of the new account, but the temp-ban on your original account will be upgraded to permanent.

Moderators may also email ban notices to users depending on the circumstances. Check the email inbox that you registered your forum account with. You might have to fish it out of your junk mail folder if you use spam filters (and these days, who doesn’t?!).

If you’re perma-banned? Sorry, we very rarely lift these types of bans. Your only option here is to appeal to Elly via email.

Final Note: Big thanks to our site subscribers for help with suggestions and corrections to this beastly thread. You guys are awesome. :thumbsup:
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2. Useful Links - Last Updated 06/28/07

General Game Information

Diablo: IncGamers
Home sweet home. This is the gateway to all the D2 goodness you can handle. News and articles, complete items database, downloads, fan art, and much more than I can cover in just a few sentences. Go see!

Diablo Wiki and Diablo 2 Wiki
The Diablo Wiki built and maintained by the members of this forum. It contains extensive information about the games including NPC text, monster stats, runewords, character skills, quests and much more. website and Forums Index
Blizzard news, patch downloads and forums.

The Arreat Summit
An online guide to D2 maintained by Blizzard and updated for patch 1.11b. Horadric Cube recipes, complete runeword lists and statistics, information on skills, quests, monsters, and much more.

Guides Strategy Compendium
An awesome archive of character build guides for PvM and PvP play. Be sure to check out the Class-Specific Strategy forums for even more guides.

Facts & Formulae Archive, by Dracoy & co
A treasure trove of tables and formulae can be found in this oft-overlooked compilation from the Strategy Compendium. MF diminishing returns table, FBR/FCR breakpoints, Leveling Guide, Command line options, and lots more.

Level Up Guide, by denis
This wonderful chart compares character level against current Act/Difficulty to measure optimal experience gains and penalties.

Pits Guide, by shadow_247
This awesome guide has all the dirt on this very popular and profitable magic find run area. Also has details on good character builds and equipment as well as a comparison between the pros and cons of running the Pit versus the other a85 zones. Highly recommended.

The Mercenary Guide, by Sunbearie & Team
Everything you could possibly want to know about hirelings ... and then some. Channel Commands, by Dii Legend
A comprehensive and descriptive listing of the target line codes, channel, and in-game commands available for Diablo II. No player should be without this excellent guide!

1.11 Diablo Clone Hunting Guide, by Camintoi
Is that pesky Diablo Clone giving you a headache? Don’t know how to find him? This guide is for you. Have questions? Post there. Hoarshade's older version of this guide may be found here.

The Uber Guide to the Uber, by PvtCaboose
Details on the 1.11 “Tristram Triplets” quest – Keys, Organs, levels and bosses. Another older version of this guide (by C Squad) may be found here.

Running Two Copies of D2 on One Computer, by Orphan
Information about running two instances of Diablo II on a single computer via WinXp's fast user switching feature.

Running Two Copies of D2 on OS X, by Supox
A guide with information on running two instances of Diablo II on a single computer running OS X

Item Generation Tutorial for Patch 1.11 (V1.0), by Warrior of Light (from the Statistics Forum)
An exhaustive explanation of how the game generates item drops ... not for the faint of heart!

A Mini Guide to Rushing Level 1’s and Rune Farming, by skihard
A short guide to self-rushing characters for the sole purpose of reaping the Hellforge rewards.

MF Guide for 1.10/1.11 (v.0.9), by Hrus (from the Single Player Forum)
A thorough guide to magic finding. Includes information on optimal character builds, equipment, area and boss targets, and much more.

The Comprehensive BNet Magic Find Guide, by Darnoc
Similar to Hrus’ guide, with a more BNet-centric slant.

Guide to Altering Items In-Game, by Uzziah (from the Single Player Forum)
A deep guide explaining the manipulation of affixes and sockets using the various quest rewards, Horadric Cube and crafting recipes. Excellent!

A Guide to Charms in 1.10/1.11, by kronos – updated by corax (from the Single Player Forum)
Learn all about charm affixes and the item levels needed to find or roll them via the Horadric Cube with this excellent guide. Also contains some information about gauging their potential trade values.

Building Wealth on the Ladder: A Guide for the Poor and Impoverished, by handofnaz (from the Newcomer Forum)
The title speaks for itself. An excellent, detailed guide to building wealth when starting from scratch.

Poor Man’s Guide to Fun and Profit, by jagermeister
A guide for building wealth the smart way – useful to newcomers and veterans alike.

Terms, Abbreviations, Acronyms for D2 2007, by Thyiad
"OMG n00b, w8 4 sorc tp!" Can't figure out what the heck half the folks on are saying? Look it up in this great thread from the Newcomer Forum. Now you can be ub4r 1337 and speak complete gibberish too! A link to the older version of this guide can be found here.

V1.11b Destruction Key Run (Mini) Guide for (Skellie) Necromancers, by Cyber Dragon
While this guide is mostly intended for necros, it contains links to images showing the floorplans for the Halls of Pain/Vaught for faster, efficient Nihlathak runs – useful for all DKey runners. Great work! Note: A smaller, printer friendly version of the Halls of Vaught map can be found here (thanks Quietust).

Watch Out For Scams!! Updated & Condensed, by Darnoc and others (from the Newcomer Forum)
Learn about the tricks online scammers use and protect yourself. Knowledge is power.

Goldfinding with some Gambling on the side, by -Tempus-
Basic information on goldfinding statistics on items as well as an archive of links to various goldfarming thread topics. See page 2 for an updated list of links.

The Cow King, by -Tempus- (from the Classic Forum)
Moo! All the pesky details concerning the rules for killing the Cow King and all the circumstances for which one may kill the king without ruining the quest flag for others. While this guide was written with D2Classic players in mind, the same rules apply to LOD (just substitute Baal for Diablo).

Nihlathak 1.0.1, by mephiztophelez
A great in-depth guide and discussion about acquiring the Keys of Destruction from Nihlathak.

Technical Support

Blizzard Technical Support for Diablo II | CD Key Replacement Information
Common installation and gameplay issues & suggestions for resolving them, patch information, password recovery, contact and CD key replacement information.

Open Technical Support Forums ( website)
A forum-based resource for tech-support. Be sure to read the stickied FAQs before posting there.

Calculators Calculators (Index)
Many excellent calculators here including the famous Weapon Speed Calculator, Skill Calculator and more. Not all of these are available in English.

Equipment Upgrade Calculators for Weapon Damage and Armor Defense
Useful for determining the stats for equipment upgraded via the Horadric Cube. Note that the armor calculator is v1.10 and assumes that ethereal uniques will lose their ethereal bonuses when upgraded. This is no longer true in v1.11.


Things you SHOULD know about Diablo 2 (from the forums)
A very large thread that covers a variety of frequently asked questions - a must read for newbies and veterans alike. Questions are indexed for easy reference. Thanks to Dawnmaster for digging this up!

Skill Granting Items 2.1 tables of oskills, auras, ctc and more, by Kijya (from the Statistics forum)
An excellent compilation of tables that list all available skill-granting uniques, sets and runewords.

Official Ladder News and FAQ, by Gorny
What the heck is the difference between Ladder and Non-Ladder play? What will happen to my stuff when it resets? When will the Ladder reset? All of these questions (and more) are answered in this thread. Check it out.

Stompwampa's Ultimate Guide to Lost CD-Keys and Broken Play Discs, by Stompwampa
What are your options? Read all about it in this excellent thread.

The Dark Library (now archived at Diablo Wiki)
Grab your flashlight and come browse through the moldy, forbidden tomes of the Dark Library. Exclusive, original fan fiction set in the realms of Diablo, Worlds of Warcraft, and others. Supported by our Fan Fiction forum.

The Official ATMA Page
The famous muling application for Single Player! For questions and comments, please post in this thread.

The Cool Screenshot Thread
D2 Screenshot collection - funny screenshots, awesome screenshots, weird screenshots ... you get the picture. Have cool screenshots you'd like to share with the Community? Post 'em there.

Alainpp66’s armor graphics site (Not always available)
I’m too sexy for this breastplate? For those of you who prefer fashion to survivability, have a look at our models on this virtua-catwalk. W: “Honey, does this Dusk Shroud make me look fat?” H: “Baby, you look fine, let’s go.” W: “Well, maybe I should go with the Archon Plate instead.” H: *Kills self*.

How Not To Get Hacked, by Ihmhi
A detailed thread containing a list of precautions to take so that you can protect your accounts, and your computer.

See a broken or outdated link? Know of a link that should be added to this list? Contact Gorny or Orphan via PM and let them know.
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4. Contact Information

MSN Messenger: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

NOTE: If you need to have an IM chat, please send a cover email first. We block messenger invites that we don't recognize.
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5. Changes & Updates (2007)




03/04: Guides - Terms, Abbreviations, Acronyms for D2 2007, by Thyiad
06/25: Channel Commands, by Dii Legend
06/25: 1.11 Diablo Clone Hunting Guide, by Camintoi
06/25: The Uber Guide to the Uber, by PvtCaboose
06/28: New link for Uber Guide to the Uber
07/10: Added Wiki link
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New policy on threads asking for help ingame.

Threads in the Community Forum asking for ingame help, and not posted in either the Player Matchup Forum, or the stickied help thread that are a genuine emergency (*1) are subject to being moved to either the Player Matchup Forum or merged into the Stickied Help Thread and will have an expiring redirect of one hour.

Threads that are not a genuine emergency (*2) are subject to deletion on sight.

(*1) Emergency is defined as, any situation where there is a chance to lose items (Disconnect, Realm Down, Connection Interrupt, game crashes, technical difficulties)

(*2) Non emergency defined as, help me kill _____ boss, need help with Ubers, Dclone, normal mueling, asking for someone to hold your game open while you mule, looking for a rush, bug rush, G Rush, anything Hellforge, help with any game quest, asking for items, begging for items, asking for a perm of any sort, etc.

Anything falling under (*2) gets deleted on sight.


Re: Community Forum Rules & Links

The IMG tags have been turned back on in The Community Forum after a long absence.

Please note that the forum rules still apply to posted images.

Also, when posting images the proper format to the IMG tags is IMG and /IMG, inside brackets.


When adding using the IMG tags, please host the pic on a site like or Photodump or something. They can be direct linked from some other website, but this can cause unforseen problems.

Please, no pics of near nude people, dead animals (road kill) and hacks & cheats, etc. These are subject to removal without comment and possible disciplinary action.

Enjoy and thank Elly!


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Re: Community Forum Rules & Links

Just an extra note about posting images using the now enabled IMG tag. Please consider other users that might not have large resolutions, because the thread will become almost unreadable in these cases. If the image is quite large and you are using imageshack then use the included thumbnail feature. To create a thumbnail link of an image just do the following:


The alternative is to resize the image yourself and lose the quality.


Re: Community Forum Rules & Links

Until Further Notice:

Please send a PM with a link and a short message to the assigned mod of a particular forum or in the case of unmoderated forums, PM some mod when reporting a post or problem, the report post feature is currently borked.

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