Community Forum Mafia Game: Corruption in Baltimore

The Silver Shroud

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Community forum Mafia Game: Baltimore Mafia:

Players Alive (5/6)

1. Noodle
2. Leopold Stotch
3. Caluin Graye
5. Drixx
6. Scott Berland

Dead and in the Graveyard topic: (1/6)

1 Zemaj

Mod Killed (0/6)

Vote Counts By Day:

Day 1

1. Noodle - 0
2. Leopold Stotch - 3 (Drixx, Noodle, Zemaj)
3. Caluin Graye - 0
4. Zemaj - 0
5. Drixx - 0
6. Scott Berland - 0

Not Voting Day One: Leopold Stotch, Caluin Graye, Scott Berland


Day Two

1. Noodle - 0
2. Leopold Stotch - 0
3. Caluin Graye - 1 (Noodle)
4. Drixx - 0
5. Scott Berland - 0

Not voting: Everyone except Noodle.

Day Three

1. Noodle - 0
2. Leopold Stotch - 0
3. Caluin Graye - 0
4. Drixx - 1 (Leopold Stotch)
5. Scott Berland - 2 (Drixx, Noodle)

Game Events:

Day One: No Lynch.
Night 1: Zemaj killed (Town Tracker)
Day Two: No Lynch
Night Two: Night kill failed
Day Three: No Lynch

Lynch Tallies by Day:

Day One: No Lynch
Day Two: No Lynch
Day Three: No Lynch


1. Talk about your role and this game is strictly prohibited outside of the game
thread until it is over (with the exception of designated QT pages).

2. Do not post in the game thread during the night phase. Any post within a few minutes after the end of
the day will be ignored. Any post made after that, will result in a mod kill of the
poster. Repeated posts during the night phase will also result in a mod kill.

3. Editing, for any reason will result in a mod kill.

4. Any story given regarding lynches and kills is for flavor only.

5. Once you're dead, stay that way. Dead people tell no tales, or in this case, dead
people make no posts.

6. Every player gets one lynch vote during the day unless told otherwise in their role
PM. Votes and unvotes need to be bolded . If your unvote isn't bolded, it doesn't count
and please try to put it at the bottom of your post.
Capitalization or proper spelling of one's name is NOT REQUIRED, however, it must be
clear who you are voting for; please try to avoid nicknames.

Vote: Leopold Stotch (Correct)
Unvote: Leopold Stotch (Correct)

Vote: Leopold Stotch (Incorrect, not bolded)
Unvote: Leopold Stotch (Incorrect, not bolded)

V or v: Leo (Incorrect, the entire word Vote needs to be there)
UV or uv: Leo (Incorrect, the entire phrase Unvote or Un Vote needs to be there)

7A. Lynching requires the majority of players to vote for the same player. that is, half of the remaining number of players + 1 rounded down. A lock occurs when someone with enough votes to be lynched receives another vote, and will be lynched at the end of the day (cannot be unvoted) Since this is a small game, I'm taking the extra step for requiring a lock in order for a lynch to take place. Normally someone may be lynched with a majority vote at the end of the day even if not locked.

7B. The 50 % Rule: The game will be called and end early if, the remaining mafia out number the town, IE, the town cant get enough votes in to cause a lynch.

8. If you have any issues with your role, or any other player, please PM me
in order to find a resolution. Please don’t suicide or do anything rash before
contacting me. Please wait for a response; it might take me a few hours but I will
respond. I'm normally at work during the US workday from 7am - to approx 6PM CST. While I do keep an eye out via smart phone, I wont be doing the bulk of the game modding until I am home in the evening.

9. Any player may claim any role. I.E. Any player may claim to be something that they
are not. For example, I claim to be innocent of (almost) all charges.

10. Do not post any information sent to you in a pm by the host. This includes, but is
not limited to, numbers of words/letters/punctuation marks. If you want to claim a
role, don't copy paste the PM I sent you.

11. Day lasts 48 hours and night lasts 24 hours. The game starts with a 48 hour day

12. You will get mod killed if you are inactive (at least 2 contributive posts per day
phase required to be considered "active" ).

13. If you are (temp) banned from the site itself, you will also be mod killed.

14. If you cannot continue playing the game for any reason, PM me beforehand
to find a solution.

15. Read the rules and your role PM once more. Have Fun! Good luck! May the best team

16. Behavior - Please don't take anything said in this thread that may be directed at you as a personal attack, it's the way this game is played. Rivalries (such as the infamous Noodle vs. Bad Ash rivalry) are fine. It's all in the spirit of the game. Don’t be a dick. This is a heated game but below the belt attacks will not be tolerated. Attack the play not the player.

17. Have fun and good luck!

With 6 alive, it takes 4 votes on a player to achieve a lock (half = 3 +1 rounded down to the nearest even number)

It is now Day time, the Day will run for 48 hours from the timestamp of this post.


In the city of Baltimore, crime has steadily been on the rise. Money laundering, petty theft, prostitution, grand theft auto, murder. The corruption has even spread into the Baltimore PD, though it has gone unnoticed to date.

A man microwaves himself dinner but is jumpy when he hears a dog bark outside. He reaches for his gun and checks out the window. Reassured, he sits down to his TV dinner and a beer. He takes a swig but is immediately concerned. He sniffs the beer then tries to stand. He wobbles. He reaches for his gun and tries to crawl but collapses.

Someone comes in and stands over him. With gloves on, more beer is poured down the man's throat until he stops breathing. Death by brewski.....

Fast forward to Monday morning...

Apparently The Mafia have taken up residence in Baltimore and have left their first victim.

The above is flavor text, no one is dead yet

It is now daytime, you may post and discuss freely.

The day will end in approx. 48 hours from now at approx 7PM CST on Tuesday

Good luck to all and have fun!
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6 of us. Seems unlikely to be a 5v1, so we must assume 4v2. 4v2 with successful night kill means we have only one mislynch to work with. Close margin in this one. Let's be careful with votes.

There's a way to break the standard Matrix6, but I have no idea how it was modified for 6 players instead of 9, so I don't think it makes sense to even bother with that. If anyone's interested, I will elaborate after the game.

Leopold Stotch

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Matrix6? Either i haven't played in a long time or i haven't played in a long time! Haha! Idk what Matrix6 is so not sure I'd that's a strategy or something that had been added after i stopped playing.... /shrug

It is sleepy time for me. I just came by to see what's going on. Hi, guys.

I concur with Drixx- i do think it's 4v2, but i think we have one Mafioso and one SK. The clip mentions the P2P Killer and i can't remember if this is the three part episode that resolves that or a brief side story. I think it's the latter. Might have to rewatch.

[OT: epic and glorious was the BA vs Noodle rivalry!!]

And with that, I'm gonna go to sleepy-sleep. Gotta get that rest if i wanna stay beautiful and " forever young."

The Silver Shroud

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Good morning!

This is your your friendly neighborhood game mod checking in. The score is currently zero to zero.

I will be back in the evening to give an update or answer rule based questions if needed.


Caluin Graye

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Agreed, this will take careful play. No idea what 'Marix6' is

but I do have an idea for how we 'break' the game... We play, make intelligent posts, ask pointed questions ;)
Pft, whaaaaaat? When has that EVER done us any good? /s

I'm not going to even speculate on numbers and distribution of players aside from saying I seriously doubt scum+SK. 2 nks/night... There are only 6 players total, that would be offing a third each night. Short game. Especially throw in a lynch, means D2 dawns to half the game already dead, AND a 1/1/1 split. Unlikely... Certainly not outside possibility, but improbable as hell.

That said, any specific reason you think a SK so likely, Leo? Aside from flavor text that mod already specifically stated was for flavor alone, and had no bearing on this particular game? Seems an odd choice for the theory you put forward as your FIRST POST IN THE GAME.
I would also appreciate a response to this.

Caluin Graye

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And of course someone started talking to me IRL and I messed up the quoting due to distraction. Please ignore that out-of-place quote from Zemaj.


We have a new face! Scott, care to share a little about yourself? Any history of playing Mafia in the past? If so, where? If not, what drew you to this particular game?

Leopold Stotch

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I'm on a ten minute break so this week probably be my only reply until i get home ( will be a couple hours from now) but i mention an SK because the clip, not the story/flavor text, mentioned an SK. AND this is based/inspired by an NCIS episode that may or may not have an SK. i need to rewatch this episode because, as i said in my first post, I can't recall if this is the first of a three part episode that features an SK or if this is a side arc.


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If there's an SK, that would make day 2 a kingmaker with no way for town to win. I wouldn't even consider it more than a distraction.

As for "breaking" matrix6, that came up because one of the long time players at MafiaScum recently started going into the newbie games (where Matrix6 is employed for game setups) and employing a strategy which breaks the game in favor of town. At least ... that's the theory.

Scott Berland

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Sorry for the delay. Was at a Memorial Day BBQ. I'm new to the game. Figured I'd check it out because I'm into all kinds of games--especially console video games. Just observing the last couple of days, assessing the gameplay.

Leopold Stotch

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Welcome, Scott! May I call you Scotty? /bats her pretty eyelashes at you

Oaky, srsly, need to read up on this Matrix6 thing. Sounds like a math problem and I haven't done pre-cal math in 12 years.


Tough weekend to start - I was at the BottleRock music festival in Napa. (Foo Fighters!)

I agree that an SK seems unlikely given the size of the game. The real question is whether or not we can trust Bad Ash. (We can't.)

The Silver Shroud

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Just chiming in. Day is close to over with just over 8 hours left. No votes as of yet.

Noodle was in danger of being mod killed for inactivity.

In other Mafia related news, I bribed Dredd to do some sticking and unstickying.

There's a poll thread about future Mafia games also.

I'll be back at the end of the day to post end of day stuffs.


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Further thinking here ... if we're 4v2 and we lynch wrong it's 3v2 and a successful night kill ends the game. If we don't lynch and there's a night kill it would be LYLO. That seems terribly scumsided to me. It therefore seems more likely that it's 5v1 but the one scum has some role power to make up for needing to get 2 mislynches and 2 kills.

Either way, it would be better to lynch than not simply because in either case a no lynch is the same as a mislynch except we cede power to the scum.

From the posts we have, I would suggest either Caluin Graye for IIoA or Leopold for pushing the SK theory. Going to go with the latter.

Vote: Leopold Stotch


Sorry Leo, but you seem to be the only candidate with a reasonable likelihood of a successful lynch.

Vote: Leopold Stotch