Common Upgraded Weapons


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Common Upgraded Weapons

It seems to me that upgrading weapons isnt as popular as upgrading armors and such, maybe because the regular unique elites are just better, but I wouldnt know that well. I have a ladder character although I almost never play on ladder, but I was wondering what some of the more common upgraded weapons were.



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Phil said:
I have a ladder character although I almost never play on ladder, but I was wondering what some of the more common upgraded weapons were.
Hone Sundan (for the massive CB)
Kelpie Snare (For the slow)
WWS (great mods)
Ribcracker (nice druid weapon)

Perfect ED Steeldriver and Bonesnap are sometimes upgraded as well but probably more so in the single player community where high lvl runewords aren't really an option.

Butcher's Pupil seems to be getting tossed around lately as worthy of a possible upgrade as well


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Ethereal Headstriker is a fun weapon to upgrade. A bit less so in light of the new runewords, however.


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I have a question about an Eth Headstriker. I just found one a few days ago and I really want to put it to good use but I'm not sure how. So far all the builds I thought would be great with it turned out that the deadly strike doesn't work. Like Kick assassin build, smiter.. Well that is pretty much all I came up with. :(

I upgraded mine and I still want to make use of it. I'm trying to make a nice all around pvp build with it. I know there are better weapons out there for pvp but I'm really bored using the same old runewords all the time. I want to make a nice pvp class using only uniques and set items etc. I'm not looking to be super godly or anything but I do want to be able to hold my own and I'm hoping this eth Headstriker will help me do this.

Could anyone give me some nice ideas on what class would make the best use of this weapon? Thanks for the help.


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On up'ing...

I once had a barb that used a set of up'd Griswald's Edge w/ 110% ed. It was usefull because I was poor and had no decent weapon for late normal/early nightmare and I was finding those on meph runs like the were Cathan's rings. IMHO, that's one of the biggest stregths of uping a weapon .. a placeholder for something better :)

As for headstriker..I can't comment on PvP as I don't play that.. but, I would think a zealot would be cool with it, as long as you could get some IAS on it. Or a frenzy barb... anything that hits often :)


I upgrade norm unique weapons and armor all the time, mostly because i don't have all the leet gear. Most recently i upgraded a bonesnap for my ww mace class barbarian, which carried me all the way to nm bhaal. I swapped it out for a steel driver i found along the way and upgraded it as well. Both are great weapons to upgrade.


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the unique 2 handed sword is good for an act 5 hireling thru nightmare. Upgrading to exceptional is really cheap. Nice steal and relatively good +damage, for early in the game.


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There are lots of weapons which are worth to be upgraded to exceptional because they are useful as leveling weapons. The runes for that are rather cheap, so if you think it will help, do it. For example, I upgraded a Steeldriver to exceptional to level my IK barb.

Regarding upgrading to elite: In this season I upgraded two sets of eth Titan's so far and I will upgrade an eth Kelpie Snare for the merc of my necro soon.