Comments on my Wussy Dueler


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Comments on my Wussy Dueler

I was thinkin of making a dueling pally on hc. Kinda unusual but would be funny as hell to see used.
Str: Low as possible, around 50
Dex: Low as possible, around 50
Vit: Everything
Energy: nuthin
With this build i would only duel melee chars dealin physical damage.
My primary goal would be to take as many high damage hits as possible. So to prime my life:

P Ruby Shako
P Ruby Vipermagi
x2 bk rings, or angelics
Maybe Bloodcrafted belt

Ill have Cta + spirit pally shield on. Bo then switch cta with Beast and turn bear form.

my plan for skills:
1 in charge
Max Thorns
Some random aura as a fake to trick people.

When oppenent comes out i plan to hit my switch which will be a Edge bow and the maxed aura thorns. Giving me lvl 42 thorns give or take. Just befor they hit me or ww me or w/e, Hopeing they will 1 hit themselves. Since if my calculations are correct. a 1890% damage return.

I kinda wanna hear peoples oppinions on if this would work or not. Im pretty sure that thorns aura from edge would stack with mine. If not lemme know.
anything u know to better it lemme know


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Sorry, but skill points spent in Thorns won't stack with Thorns from an item, so Thorns from your skill tree, along with what you'd get from Edge, will not stack.


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U will still die, and the first zerker u come across will laugh at u. (very common hc mld's).