Comments/advice on my build plan please


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Comments/advice on my build plan please

OK, first I will post the details of what I HAD planned to build, then the changes I have already thought about after learning new things here, then a few questions :) Thanks in advance for any hints BTW.

The primary goal of this sorc is to be able to kill effectively in hell, ideally solo, and without dying. I am not playing HC, but I try to play like I am, just for fun. My current level 91 sorc has died about 10 times in total. I am not bothered about using her for MF, or PvP really. She will be using a Holy Freeze merc, I hate really fast cold immunes...

First, the equipment she will be using:

Helm: Shako (Um)
Neck: Mara's (30%)
Weap: Occy (13% res all jewel)
Armor: Enigma Archon Plate (Not got yet, only Jah so far...)
Shield: Storm (Um)
Glove: Magefist (Possibly Frostburn instead)
Ring: 2x SOJ
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Boots: Crafted with 30% FRW, 10% FHR, 15 Mana, +5% Max Mana, +9% Mana Regen, 35% Fire Res (24% MF)

Annihilus 19 all stats, 12 res all, 5% exp

This will give her +13 to all skills, and +14 to fire skills, if I use the Magefists.

Stats allocation:

67 points into str, gives enough for all with str from items, anni, Enigma etc...
186 points into dex at level 99, for 75% block with Storm
Vitality and Energy: Unsure yet, I had planned as much energy as possible, and just a little vitality.

With that gear, and a few charms I have, she will have 75% block, the maximum 50% damage reduce, and 75% res all.

Now, the skills. This is the main place I need advice, and maybe a little on that stats allocation between vit/nrg.

My original plan was:

1 Ice Bolt
1 Frost Nova
1 Ice Blast
1 Glacial Spike
1 Blizzard
1 Frozen Armor
1 Shiver Armor
1 Chilling Armor
20 Frozen Orb
20 Cold Mastery

Cold would be my main attack, I just like it. I like frozen orb in general, unless someone can give me some REALLY good reasons to go with Blizzard instead. I know blizzard is higher damage, but I find Orb better for it's wide coverage.

Now, I will be using 6-10 cold skillers. I have learned that monster resists are capped at -100%, like player resists, so my plan to max cold mastery is not a good idea, it would be too much. All is need there now is 11 points, since this will give 195% reduction with 10 cold skillers (for fighting Diablo Clone), and 175% reduction with 6 cold skillers (enough to take "cold resistant" bosses from 175% to -100%).

1 Charged Bolt
1 Static Field
1 Telekinesis
1 Lightning
1 Chain Lightning
1 Teleport
1 Energy Shield

Now, Energy Shield, here is a problem. I had planned to use this, but with +13 to all skills it will be level 14, absorbing 67% damage. This WOULD be ideal, since then I could just go with lots of mana, and very little life. BUT I learned it absorbs the damage BEFORE your resistances are applied.

This seems to be proven by my experience ingame. Teleporting around the plains of despair looking for Izzy, those souls/gloams were hitting me and draining my mana bulb (1300 mana, 22 in warmth with +skills) very fast, but I was not losing much life.

So, I'm not sure what to do. I really don't like the idea of my 75% resistances being wasted like that, so I might go for much more life and much less mana than I had planned, and do without energy shield.

Other alternatives I considered were putting the 9 points I am saving from Cold Mastery above into Telekinesis to reduce the mana loss from energy shield, or putting them into Warmth to give faster mana regen to combat the loss, and having loads and loads of mana.

Now, my backup attack will be fire, and this was the original plan:

1 Fire Bolt
1 Inferno
1 Blaze
1 Fire Wall
1 Fireball
20 Meteor
20 Fire Mastery
10 Warmth

But now, there is the whole thing with synergies and suchlike....
According to a calculator here, I would actually get more damage from Meteor (average 9600.3 vs. 8156.4) by putting 20 points into Fireball and only 1 point into Fire Mastery, given that I will have +14 to all fire skills.

Also, Fireball with Meteor maxed would give 4141.2 average damage per cast, and I will have 70% faster cast (assuming I use Magefists). This is 9 fpc, or 3.3333333 recurring casts in the same time as Meteor (with it's 1.2 second delay), or 13804 average damage in the same time.

BUT, this does not have as wide an area of effect, or get the stacked up fire damage per second Meteor does with multiple casts. Also, at level 34 it will be 20.5 mana per cast. Would I be able to cast it for any decent length of time, with about 1300 mana and level 24 warmth? How about if I end up spending those 9 points I saved in cold mastery on warmth, giving me level 33 warmth instead?

Does anyone know of a calc that can tell me my mana regen per second or frame based upon size of mana pool, level of warmth, and level of mana regen from items?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to analyse this stuff and reply, I appreciate it probably isn't the best written help request around :)


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Taniniver said:
Thanks to anyone who takes the time to analyse this stuff and reply, I appreciate it probably isn't the best written help request around :)
ha, well as a matter of fact it is :)

Have you looked at the meteorb guide, cuz thats pretty much what you're building here.


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agreed, this is probably the best request for analysis i've seen in a while. its long and it shows you put thought into it instead of people just asking "what is a good mf char?" that is annoying.

something i was unsure on: a lvl 36 CM has -195% cold res. check my math again, but i think you need 13 skill points in CM. (13+13+10)

about Eshield. you were right. but that means two things. that with max res, you can't use Eshield effectively unless you have pumped up telekinesis. telekenesis is a synergy to Eshield that lowers the amount of mana taken away by Eshield which is really really needed for full res sorcs. (the opposite is true also: with horrible res like -50 to -25, eshield is much better for mana)

so you can iether not use Eshield, or drop another 20 points into telekinesis (which is an infinitely useful skill in itself). if you want to use Eshield, keep in mind it can be cast from a weapon on switch (ie: memory staff), so u dont' need to waste the 3 or 4 points to get it.

the mana regen equation is really simple, but i can't think of it right now. but from what i remember, with no regen, your full mana bowl will regen in 2 min. i ran a few ingame tests earlier in 1.10 with my barbarian and a zon and a necro and it seemed to be around 2 min 10 seconds. 100% faster will obviously drop that time in half. 200% faster will drop that time to 1/3. with my sorcs, those calculations were within a second (have to have a little room for error) using 2 minutes even.


that is a quick formula based on what i said earlier. the result is in seconds it takes to regen full mana. multiply by 25 to figure out how many frames.


that should be mana regen in mana per second. the regen number takes into account warmth and magefists and every other +mana regen% item you have added together.


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Thanks for the replies guys.

Yeah, I looked at the Meteorb guide, but it didn't seem to answer all my needs. I'll take another look though.

And mathhil, you are quite correct on the cold mastery. For some reason I had been working on the basis that skill level 1 grants -30%, and that I would only need level 34. I will indeed need 13 skill points in it.

Thanks for the info on the mana regen. I was looking at the Arreat Summit to find the regen % of various Warmth levels, and noticed this:

Warmth + Regeneration Items: How does an item with Mana Regeneration work with Warmth?
In this case the formula is: (BaseRegenrate*Warmth)+item.

Not quite sure how that's different from anything else...

So, let's try to do some calculations. I will post them here, in case anyone notices I have messed them up somehow ;)

First assuming level 24 warmth:
120/(1+((306+25+9)/100)) = 27.27 recurring seconds

Or, with level 31 warmth (now that I only have 7 spare from Cold Mastery, not 9):
120/(1+((390+25+9)/100)) = 22.9 seconds

Now for how much mana I will have, at level 80 once I can use Arachnid Mesh:

35 base +
160 from level ups +
92 from 46 energy (items) +
120 from Shako +
15 from crafted boots +
40 from 2x SOJ +
60% total from items

739.2 mana, if no points were placed in energy.

Mana per second with:
24 warmth : 739.2*((1+((306+25+9)/100))/120) = 27.104
31 warmth : 739.2*((1+((390+25+9)/100))/120) = 32.2784

Now lets assume I placed every spare stat point into energy, after the ones I need for str and dex. At level 80, this would be 200 energy. With each point in energy giving 3.2 points in mana, this would be 640 extra, for 1379.2 mana.

Mana per second with:
24 warmth : 1379.2*((1+((306+25+9)/100))/120) = 50.57
31 warmth : 1379.2*((1+((390+25+9)/100))/120) = 60.225

Now Fireball at 9 fpc is 2.7 recurring casts per second, at a cost of 20.5 (when it's done). This is 56.94 mana per second, so I could JUST manage to cast it constantly if I put those extra points in Warmth.

So, final thoughts before I hunt down the last parts I need for that Enigma and start building this new sorc :)

I am currently thinking towards EITHER:

a) Use base vitality, all spare points in energy, use energy shield, put the spare points in Warmth.

This would give me low life, but very fast mana regen, the whole bulb in 23 seconds, and enough mana and regen to cast Fireball constantly.

HOPEFULLY the mana regen would also be enough to cope with energy shield draining it, as long as I am not trying to fireball constantly AND get hit a lot.

I think the mana cost of level 43 Orb is only about 43, and at one casting per second I could afford to cast it constantly and regen 20 mana per second too.

b) Use high vitality, only just enough energy to cast orb constantly, and no energy shield. Again, spare points go into Warmth.

This would mean my ability to inflict damage wasn't affected by taking damage, but I couldn't cast Fireball constantly, and would lose more life overall.

Of course, I will be using Enigma, with +12 life per kill, which might help to replace what I lose.

Any thoughts from people now would be appreciated :D


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everything looks right to me, but i would like to say that there is no harm in downing a mana potion every once in a while. your sorc doesn't need to have that much mana regen. but it would be really sweet to have.


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mathil said:
everything looks right to me, but i would like to say that there is no harm in downing a mana potion every once in a while. your sorc doesn't need to have that much mana regen. but it would be really sweet to have.

It's not needed, but it's my playing style. I don't like to drink potions except in emergencies, I cannot be bothered picking them up all the time.

I keep one row of tp scrolls, and the other three full rejuvs :)