Commando-Mancer troubles...


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Commando-Mancer troubles...

Please bear with me on this, it'll be a very n00bish post because - well, I haven't played D2 since 1.08, and for all intensive purposes; I'm a n00b :).

I came back and decided to give my first love another shot - the Necromancer. I didn't wanna jump into it blindly, so I looked up the forums and saw the "Commando" guide, and decided to give it a shot.

I'm level 40 now, and I guess I'm just not feeling the 'power' I was hoping to. I'm not melee'ing much at all, be it due to my gear or my stat allocation (at lvl 40 I'm sittin' at 110ish in Vitality, with Dex and Str at around 70ish, and I haven't touched Energy)... I feel that when I do equip a weapon and try to lead my pets by example, I do a multitude of things: Die quickly, don't put out enough damage, and make my pets less effective because I don't have my +3 Raise Skelly +2 Skelly Mastery wand on...

However, my pets still have a rough time with mobs like Diablo and Baal...Baal mostly because there are no corpses readily usable in his chamber, and I've used most of the ones outside of it up in the fight against the Council and Lister.

I love necromancers, and wanna play one...perhaps I went with the wrong build? The thing that bugs me is like - I'm reading through the stories about the "Diablo Walks The Earth" thing, and every single post is something like "Yeah, he was tough, my sorc killed him though" or "My pally tanked him down with no trouble" or "I just ran offscreen and guided-arrowed him to death" and such - no Necromancer glory...

Sorry if has gotten a little off-topic and a little lengthy, but I'm feeling confused and lost as to the abilities of a Necromancer...any advice in any of the mentioned areas would be most appreciated.



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now no necro is a bad build, if u wanted to try commando and didnt get what u really wanted, try a differnt type, i myself have a lvl62 bone necro dueler(just ofund out he can duel well), i ezily take out guys much higher lvls then me, and i have little troubles going thru the game(all though i must say, those undead sygnon dolls in durance are just meen). But, if u luv playin a necro, u should just find the kind u wanna play, and try to use the guides as a guide, not a ritual, ur necro doesnt sound to bad, and i bet if u just get those lvls up a bit higher, he'll be fine, good luck :howdy:

P.s. - did i answer ur question at all, sorry if i didnt and started ranting, i do that sum times


Snatch has got it goin' on. Necro's are good now, almost all builds. Dont' worry Mythren it's cool to like Necros.:)

Do a forum search on Dclone...I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.:cool:

Now on the topic of your post...The commando is highly dependant on a few particular items to be powerful. Anything less than Thekbob's suggested will fall dractically shorter. He basically explains that as well. The commando is probrably the worst a returning player can try out for various reasons. It's also one of the best to put together once the items start flowin'.;)

Now I have to semi-apologize for the current lack of guides...the forum recently crashed so most of guides got wiped. We'll be replacing them sooner than later I think. You can check the stickied encyclopedia to get a good rough idea of nearly all available Necromancer variants for 1.10.:) Fell free to ask questions as they arise.

I'm sure Kbob will hit this thread up but basically, my man, when going commando with a pistol and Light jacket instead of a machine gun and body armor (Metaphor) Prepare to get owned by Charlie. (The enemie)



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So it must be an equipment issue...

I'll stick with him, just made lvl 42...

My skill allocation, in case any were interested, is rather simple. At 42 I have 20 Raise Skeleton, 20 Skeletal Mastery, 2 Skeletal Mage, and 2 into Amp Damage (misclicked on that, only meant to have 1...).

I have Summon Resistance at lvl 3 from my trophy, but no Decrepify yet, which is something that might be hurting me...I'm working toward that now.

I think overall he'll be an awesome character, I just need to stick to him and keep trudging through, hoping to accumulate items - as I'm a new player I have virtually nothing, only what I've found...but I'm confident that I'll start getting tradable items and good necro gear.

Any more input on the subject is greatly appreciated, though :).



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My Commando, though fun, is extremely item dependant.

Also, you are at a lower level currently were very few good melee weaps can be alotted.

If you are just returning and cannot yet afford any of the nifty new runewords, then I suggest converting that mancer into a "Fishy"Mancer of a pure skeleton build made by Nightfish.

Good Luck on any further Necromancer Goings.



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I'll consider converting him...could I possibly get a link to the "fishy"mancer post, or perhaps a summary of what it is exactly?

Thanks again!