Coming back to the game, where do I start?


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Hey all! I used to play way back when I was a kid (Still am, come to think of it..) I've recently started playing again, and (as ashamed as I am to admit this) never made it past Act II... I've always been a fan of the Zoomancer, Summonmancer, Fishymancer, etc. Started playing again the other day and am currently a level 20 Zoomancer in singleplayer.

I read up here just a tad bit on the building wealth guide and some other places. I play on US West, what is recommended for me to start multiplayer/ladder? Is Zoomancer still a thing?

Last note, I read about "Forge Runners". Are they still a thing? Is it worth it to hire/look for one? What are some common terms that they lay out (Is it free? Do they keep items? Etc)?

Thanks for reading, any advice is appreciated!


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As far as ladder goes, although I lack experience in playing Sorc, I would totally play a sorc if I started a ladder character, I would almost certainly roll one of the blizzard sorc MF builds (check out the sorc strat forums) and stack MF like there is no tomorrow and run lvl 85 areas like Ancient Tunnels or mobs like pindle, meph and andariel. With teleport, the speed with which you can do runs without high end gear is insane, and blizzard builds I think are the best for stacking MF while retaining decent killing speed.

FWIW thats my advice for now, I hope someone with more experience could chime in their 2c.