Coming back after 14 years :-D please help...


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Hi Guys

God i cannot believe im just about to do it :) again ... :D
This is quite a big deal for me as a die hard D1 and D2 fan from the old days. I came here for some guidance and i would much appreciate any help from you fellow gamers. I abandoned Diablo games (not willingly) back in 2003 i think. Gosh that sounds like a really long time now when i think about it.
Anyway, this whole time i wanted to get back but real life always got in my way. Recently i checked again whether D2 is still alive and guess what... was pleasantly surprised that it looks more alive from what i have seen than the d3. I've hear there was a lot of patches and changes etc since i last played but i couldnt find some nice summary that would make it clear what the major changes are that i need to be aware of. Would any1 be so kind and give a some nice roundup of what has changed (major importnant changes since i think 1.09 was the last time i have seen it or maybe 1.08 i dont remember exactly. Any new characters maybe or areas or am i hoping for too much? Big Thanks Guys :)


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From the patch notes:
Increased the drop rate of high runes.
You may not have known it from 1.09. But, there are these items called "high runes" used to make OP runewords. Now, you are actually able to find them! :p

On a serious note: You might want to decide between versions 1.13 and 1.14 before you get back to playing. AFAIK the gameplay is the same, just compatibility fixes for new operating systems. However, (at least in terms of the trading community) this caused a split between the people who play the different versions. :(


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Yeah i dont remember anything about runes thanks, i guess i will find out soon then. I used to like the barb ( i think i was lvl99 back then) but this time i would love to spend some time with a different character. Any particular one being favour these days you think? yeah and thanks for such a quick reply ;)


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Everyone has their 2 cents. And, It all depends on what you enjoy playing. But, a lot of people will tell you to start up with a Sorceress (Blizzard Sorc). She doesn't need expensive gear to be good. And she is great for magic finding/rune hunting. Good way to start building up itemz. :)


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oh one more thing please. can i start playing D2 (no lod) and then buy the lod additionaly, will my character work with lod later on? (d2 without lod is the only one i have right now, want to buy the expansion again once i reach the end of act4


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Well well well we have an oldcomer wishing to travel back to hell! Going that long without slaying demons has to be a killer.

Anyhow, you should know that the 1.10 patch released after you left drastically changed the game. Almost moreso than the expansion itself. In short, here's some of the things you need to know:

- Skills have synergies, and Hell was beefed up ALOT to compensate. You will need to make sure your skills are at least partially synergized to be good in hell. Don't worry if you mess up your build the first time though, they added respecing in 1.13. The game will seem harder at first, but they actually made it easier once skills are beefed up and certain (runewords) are obtained.

- Many new items have been added. Elite uniques for nearly all base types, and many runewords. The runewords are by far the best items in the game, and stomp out most uniques. I'm sure you remember Windforce, Grandfather, etc? Well those are replaced with runewords in this day and age. Most elite uniques they added in are crap. But there are a handful of good ones. Some are used in conjunction with runewords.

- As @DiabloTwoinDC mentioned, the rune rates increased drastically in 1.13. So acquiring the "high" runes for the new runewords isn't nearly the chore is was before.

- Any character class can get teleport. Items can also gives other skills and auras. Most of these are only enabled for ladder players. So download "RWM" to enable them.

- Leveling your character past level 90 is much harder. And I mean 50x harder than it was in 1.09. Monsters were lowered from lv 90 to lv 85 max in hell. And the penalties were severely increased. There are "level 85 areas" which give better experience and drop any item in the game. These are your target. Cow level got nerfed bad. Many items can't drop there and the XP sucks. Not worth it except for farming runes.

- You can buy mana potions!

To check out more, read the 1.10 patch notes. Nothing major has changed since that patch, except increased rune rates and respecing:
To find the new runewords and uniques, check out this page:
Good rune farming guide to get you started:
As said, Pindleskin isn't the best guy to farm anymore:
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Welcome back to the world of Sanctuary. Apart from all the above, check out the sticky thread for Mat/Pat/Guardian threads. Most of the completed characters are for modern patches, and those unique characters/previous patches are clearly marked. This will provide you with many character builds, designed, twinked vs untwinked characters, skill layouts and so much more information.

Again, welcome back and drop by the EMB for some drinks, food and chat!


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No iron maiden from the oblivion mages and no more fire enchanted bug in nightmare tomb vipers still suck


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Hey welcome back to DII Miroslav. I just come back from a several year break on and off. If you are planning a reset think about heading over to the 1.00 classic threads and start back where it all began if you have the original play discs from 1.07. And finds can be brought forward to current patches if you needed. Catch you around


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The most important piece of advice that I can give you is this; don't make characters because they are the most 'efficient', make characters that you will enjoy, play the characters that you will actually have fun playing. Unless of course, efficiency is what makes it fun for you :p