comeback after 2 years break


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comeback after 2 years break

hello people,

i installed d2 today, after a little break of three years and yes, its still fun!
lots of things have changed, i read about key-collecting and stuff, sounds interesting.

i started an assassin, gonna be a kicksin, my favourite char in the old days. i want to play her without rushing and stuff..

since im not going to create a mf-char the next weeks i ask you, if someone could help me out with some items, atm i would love to have a sigon glove/shoe and a manald ring. anything else an assassin could use is welcome too of course.

i am also looking for people to play with, i need some friends..btw, i am on europe ladder softcore.

maybe some1 remembers me -> i did help eclipseDK with his kicksin guide on

have a nice day,