Combat GC or Life SC?


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Combat GC or Life SC?

Say I'm using:

Grief (Phase Blade)
Enigma (Breast Plate)
Spirit (Sacred Targe)
Crown of Ages (Cham/Ber) / Kira's Guardian (Um)
Arachnid's Mesh
Trang's Gloves
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Sandstorm Trek
Mara's Kliedascope

Would 37* 20/5 Life/Resist SCs be more effective PVP than say 9* 40 Life Combat charms (WAY too expensive)? 360 Life vs. 740 Life but more damage with one build. I'm not sure how viable this build would be if I used all small life charms but I think it would be a unique touch. Think 6k life with own battle orders is possible? I'd have to use base strength for sure. Ideas?


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Based on ur gear i say sc's. I use Lifers cause i relay on exile (LT) (more dmg = more healing).

Pd.: Just never use fhr on charms.