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This is one of my favorite builds, my favorite sorceress build, and my favorite using cold damage. Dealing with enemies who raise their dead minions has never been easier, nor has the battlefield been cleaner and bloodless. There's something so satisfying about seeing your enemies shatter into cubes that then melt, leaving nothing behind. Heck, even those ice demons in act 5 are frozen solid, even despite being made of ice!

Blizzard is one hell of a crowd killer. When I beat normal with her, blizzard made very quick work of the ancients, the minions of destruction, and Baal himself. It's clearly far more effective than the fire sorceress' meteor due to it taking effect immediately instead of giving your enemies a chance to get out of the way before impact. The only difficulty is with cold immunes, forcing me to rely on my hireling.

At first I pumped ice blast, then pumped glacial spike, then blizzard, while alternating between using the former two as my left click attack, ice blast for single targets and glacial spike for groups. Disappointingly, glacial spike, despite having a bigger radius than the fire sorceress' fireball does not deal as much damage as ice blast when fully synergized according to a skill calculator. In fact, it does barely more damage than ice bolt, even despite having a much higher mana cost than ice blast. At level 30, I put a point into cold mastery then finished maxing blizzard. Next I think I'll put a few more points into cold mastery before maxing either left click attack, then the other, then finally ice bolt, all while alternately pumping cold mastery. I also have a point each in the mandatory sorceress skills: static field, warmth, and teleport. Even though this is a cold sorceress, I didn't bother putting any points into frozen orb due to it being more suited for dual elemental sorceresses.

Here is her endgame hireling and equipment setup:

Act 2 Nightmare Defensive
Andariel's Visage (increased skill level of holy freeze and life leech)
Treachery (increased attack speed, chance to cast fade on hit)
Infinity Cryptic Axe (conviction aura to reduce resistances and break immunities, though a lot of cold immunes on hell difficulty cannot be broken)

Helmet: Nightwing's Veil (skill level increases and cold skill damage increase)
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (increased skill levels and resistances)
Armor: Chains of Honor Archon Plate (increased skill levels and resistances)
Weapon: Death's Fathom (increased cold skill damage and skill levels)
Swap Weapon: Call to Arms Flail (prebuff purposes)
Shields: Spirit Monarch (increased casting speed and skill levels. Good for primary and prebuffing)
Rings: 2 Stones of Jordan (increased skill levels and mana pool)
Belt: Snowclash (increased levels to particular skills and cold absorb)
Boots: Silkweave (increased mana pool and mana per kill)
Gloves: Magefist (increased casting speed and mana regeneration rate)

Taken into consideration the skills maxed and prerequisites together with the important sorceress skills, I'll have five skill points left at level 99. I've already spent one of those points on Frozen Armor to increase defense and freeze attackers. Where should I spend those other four points? Or should I respect to get rid of Frozen Armor and have five points to spend?


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Character gear: To my personal taste, your sorc has too much killing power. OK, actually you cannot ever have enough of it, but it would be more useful to give up a bit of it for an MF bonus. All you have to achieve is to kill safely and quickly in one-player Tunnels. I would go for Tal's amulet, belt and armor, shako, Ali Baba, Rhyme (Occy+Spirit in the switch when killing power is needed), Nagelrings, Chanceguards and Wartravellers or rare MF boots. Have Gheeds and cold skillers in the inventory, but keep a bit free space in order to pick up stuff without wasting time on where to store it. I'm usually having the cube with my characters and a free 2x4 space.

Merc gear: It's not worth giving Infinity to him. Most cold-immunes are unbreakable and cold mastery adds more than enough -resist. I would give him Reaper's Toll.

My order of skill point investments is roughly as follows: One in warmth, static field, teleport and cold mastery as soon as possible. Before L24, invest into ice blast or glacial spike, whatever helps the most at killing at that level. From L24 on, invest into blizzard until you've spent about as much as into synergies. After that, invest a point into synergies (ice blast first) for each point into blizzard. That saves mana cost on blizzard while damage is still going up. When blizzard is finished, maximize ice blast (IMO the better alternative to glacial spike at higher levels), then 10 points into cold mastery (do this before entering hell mode), then glacial spike, then maximize cold mastery and lastly, ice bolt. You are finished with that at L95.

I wouldn't respec in order to undo a single misplaced skill point.


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I use Harlequin, three-part-Tal, Oculus, Spirit, Chance Guards, War Traveler, MF/LR ring, all res/life replenish ring (I should really switch this for something).

Merc has Insight, Tal's helm, Leviathan.

She has quite a bit of MF (more than 400, I think), and she can do Mephisto, Pindleskin, cows and AT on /players 8 easily. There's just no point in going all-in on killing power.


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I've been reading about Cold Mastery on the Diablo II Fandom page and it says that due to resistances being unable to be lowered past -100, skill points in cold mastery become pointless after level 37. So I've been thinking that maybe I shouldn't max Cold Mastery after all. Since cold resistance on immunes can reach up to 150, going past level 27 would be unnecessary.

So I've been thinking of maxing Frozen Orb for the damage synergy for Ice Blast (which would be my left click skill due to being more damaging than Glacial Spike) and putting the leftovers in Cold Mastery. According to the total number of skill levels from my items and equipment, I'll have 15 skill levels including the one from using Battle Command. Then there are the 9 skill levels for cold skills that I'll have on grand charms in my inventory.


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I'd personally spend the rest of my skill points in frozen armor, but that's just me.
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